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Posted: November 7, 2010 in Gaming
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It’s not often that I’m genuinely surprised by something, especially a game, but today I was. My boss, the guy who founded Strategy Informer has also recently opened up our own Digital Distribution store – GameWatcher. Whilst it’ll be hard to compete with the heavy-weights such as Steam, and even the Games for Windows LIVE Marketplace they’re now launching, we reckon the market is still viable enough to carve out our own little slice.

Anyway – it’s going through some teething problems as it’s still technically in Beta right now, and today I was asked to download and install a game we sell to test to see if it would work. The game was called World War I and it was published by 1C – the same guys behind the Men of War Beta that I’ve been enjoying recently. I’ve always wondered why there’s not been a AAA World War One game – you can find plenty of indie/smaller titles based around or themed on the Great War, but they’re not always that good.

This one however, was. As you can see from the screens, it’s using old school 2D graphics, but I only played about half an hour of it and I was genuinely hooked. There appears to be a wide range of units, you can build trenches and fortifications, and then man them. The campaign, whilst scripted, seems to present you with many interesting challenges… It seemed like a competent game, and I’ll think I’ll try and get stuck into it when I find the time.

On a related note, I read this article about a month ago that I found really interesting. You sometimes forget that the Germans were forced to pay reparations after the War, and considering they also started the second one as well, I’m not surprised they were still forced to pay. Now, nearly 100 years later, they’re finished, which brings an official (but very technical) end to one of the most bloody wars in recent history.

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