Posted: November 9, 2010 in Gaming, Work Related
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Of course, despite what I said in my last post about there being a surprising amount of fail associated with the best job in the world… it’s still the best job in the world! Case and point: my plans for this evening. Now, I generally don’t like to brag about my job, but I thought I’d use this as a contrast to highlight some of the things I love about what I do.

Tonight I’m attending the official UK launch party for Microsoft’s new Kinect peripheral. I’d explain what it is, but really, if you’re reading my blog you should really know what it is anyway. Launch parties are definitely more ‘play’ then work, as there’s really no coverage you can get from it unless you make a point to cover those things, which we don’t. It is a great networking opportunity though, and a chance to hang out with friends and colleagues who I don’t get to see that often.

I won’t say exactly where I’m going, in case I get in trouble or hoards of fanboys descend upon us like a flock of flesh-eating crow zombie… things…, but it’s at an Ice Rink. One that might possibly be outdoors. As if it wasn’t cold enough with all the rain and the rain and the clouds and the rain, I’ve got to possibly dust off my mad skillz and skate around… and I can’t even play Kinect whilst I do it! I kid, it’s not that big of a deal. Either they just happen to be using the venue or it’ll be an optional fun thing for people to do if they feel like it.

Sounds a bit glamorous doesn’t it? In all honesty, events like these are rarer then you think. Not all companies hold launch parties for all their products, and we don’t get invited to all of them even if they do. It’s a nice break though from the sometimes repetitive patterns you sometimes find yourself in. I think I shall enjoy this evening.

Until next time.

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