Posted: November 10, 2010 in Gaming, Work Related
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“Hey look, I’ve invaded another website.”

“We’ll have to create a ‘Where’s Wally’ book for you soon. I used to have this great one about finding ducks when I was younger.”

“Would make a good extra revenue source.”

Being the entrepreneurial individual that I am, I’m always looking for other ways to market myself and the site by working outside of our limitations. Not that we have limitations, being the best site in the world ever, but you know there’s only so much you can do. So, at the moment I’ve taken it upon myself to ‘guest-star’ at other places wherever possible.

My first guest appearance was on a colleagues’ website – XG247. They do a lot of video-work and we were both at the Starcraft II launch event many a week ago. It was a good laugh and Sam let me be on camera to serve as an ‘analyst’ on the proceedings. I felt like Michael Pachter, except with less bullshit. You can watch my amazing performance here.

After that, all was quiet on the western front until Bane Williams from asked me to be a guest on the weekly podcast they do. Apparently I was teh lolz and just right for their misfit band of banterers. It was also good fun, and I’m welcome again at some point. You can listen to that on their website (It was episode 18, in case it disappears).

Apart from that, the only other Operation: Where’s Wally involves the picture and quote above, which was a conversation I had with my Editor. After the Kinect Launch Party (which was rather fun – I got to go ice skating), we all went down to the GAME on Oxford Street for the midnight launch. Sadly I couldn’t stay till midnight as my last train home was at 11:20, but I did stay long enough to get snapped by CVG‘s camera guy who was also present.

It was a bit disheartening at first, I have to say. There weren’t many people queuing up outside and this was supposed to be a big-deal kind of entertainment launch. In fact at one point me and my colleagues were joking about how more people were queuing up at the bus stop just outside GAME than were queuing for GAME itself. There were even more staff and helpers inside the store than were outside.

All jokes aside though, Kinect has been aimed at an audience that involves working adults and kids, not hardcore gamers. It was nearing midnight in the freezing cold on a weekday in the middle of London – do you really think families are going to be out that late queuing? That’s something that only the core audience really does, and again, Kinect hasn’t really been targeted at the core. Still, judging by the other CVG snaps, it looks like things got a little busier after I had to leave.

But anyway, that’s my plan. It’s highly self-serving to be playing a game of Where’s Wally with myself, but hey, it’s not like I have work to do or anything.

Until next time.

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