Head in the Cloud

Posted: November 14, 2010 in Gaming, Other
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So, I finally set up my PS3 and had a bit of a marathon over the weekend. I’m not as prone to console marathons as I am PC ones, simply because I’m well and truly hooked on the internet and all it can provide. I really need a set up where my console and PC are in the same room. It’s why I don’t often go on holiday as well, and even if I do, never for that long, because the Internet does make me feel more connected.

Kind of sad, I suppose, and slightly introverted, but it is who I am – growing up I was bullied and didn’t have that many friends at school, and not really being the kind of kid who would just go and wonder the streets, I stuck to my room and sought new companions digitally. I had a bad first year at university as well, in the sense that I felt trapped in my own room, so again I found solace through my internet connection.

I’ve matured now though, and I’m way more comfortable with myself then I ever was, even a year or two ago. Things were getting better during collage, but that bad experience at Uni kind of set me back again. Still, that comforting feel I get from being on the internet, whether it’s talking to people on MSN, or keeping up with news and information, or even just browsing my regular forums and sites – it’s never gone away Even now, I work in a ‘cloud’ company, with the CEO in Croatia and the Managing Editor/Editor-in-Chief/Whatever-he-wants-to-call-himself over in Devon. None of us have met in person, and so my sense of duty to work has no also been thrown into the mix. If it wasn’t for the fact that I go to a lot of events, I wouldn’t have much human contact at all at the moment. (I currently live in a village in the middle of nowhere, and it’s hard to keep contact with my friends from my hometown).

Anyway, I digress… I’ve got my laptop anyway, which I can set up if I really need to keep an eye on things. That’s dying too though mind. But yeah… PS3. I’m not regretting the purchase, although I’m not over the moon about the console yet either. So far I’ve bought MAG and Valkyria Chronicles, and I’m borrowing Demon Souls from a friend. The console itself is pretty nifty, quite easy to use and navigate, although I haven’t properly explored all of the multi-media functions yet. I’ve also noticed it’s not really geared towards ‘friends’ so much. Like I rarely noticed if anyone’s actually come online that I’ve added, and the lack of a party-chat feature (Although rumour has it one is inbound), means that it’s definitely the more lonely console.

MAG – As I hoped, this wasn’t as bad as everyone kept telling me. “It’s shit” they would often say… in fact only one person I’ve encountered so far had anything good to say about the game, but he was a GAME employee (although, another GAME employee also said it was rubbish). I can see why people might not think it’s good, but to say it’s terrible is a bit too far. It’s main problem is one it can’t really escape, which is the fact that it keeps getting compared to Call of Duty and Battlefield.

It’s definitely not like COD, although at first glance it can ‘appear’ to be, which is probably why the COD crowd were disappointed. Also, sadly, Battlefield does a lot of the things that MAG does better, but only because it’s on a much smaller and tighter scale. Gameplay reminds me a bit of Section 8 in a way, just without the power armour. This is also definitely a clan-based game. Playing by oneself in a game that’s very orientated towards the team dynamic (Which I really like) does damper the enjoyment. I’m going to need to actively try and work my way into the community on this one I think.

Valkyria Chronicles – This is proving to be just as good as everyone said it would be. I’m really enjoying it, and again it’s such a shame that both the sequels are on the PSP. I may have let the first game influence my decision to pick up a PS3, but I really don’t want to have to pick up the handled just so I can play the second two. With any luck, they’ll release them as some kind of downloadable game over the PSN so that I can still play them and not have to worry about owning a PSP. The only thing I will say against VC is that the start/stop nature of the story progression is a bit annoying. But other than that – excellent.

And that’s what I did this weekend. Some Chinese food and some beer featured as well, but not much else. I’m kind of looking forward to getting into Demon Souls, as I hear it’s just ridiculously hard. Fun times.


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