Oh God: Part Deux

Posted: November 23, 2010 in Gaming, Operation: GBTD
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Well, it seems I have some of my own words to eat. Where’s my fork?

Previously, on Digital Eccentric, I said this:

I still wonder at the replayability of this game – once my original sim has lived his life, I wonder whether I’ll want to carry on, or whether starting again will still be interesting… When creating a sim, there’s lots of different ways you can customise their personality and behaviour, which will intern affect gameplay. There’s also several ‘life-time goal’ achievements to choose from, as well as several careers, so there’s content there… but we’ll see. There’s also all the expansions as well. Thinking about it, I’ll definitely want to pick up one of the content expansions at some point, but I’m almost saddened to see that the item expansions are little more than that – items. That element at least seems a little bit like cashing in on ultimately superfluous DLC.

What have I just gone and done? Bought one of those ‘superfluous’ DLC content packs from Amazon… what? It was £7! I also picked up the World Adventures add-on pack as well. Free Super-saver delivery, of course. I know what it is: I had a good payday this month and last month (I do a lot of commission-based work) and so I’ve been treating myself, especially in the DLC department. Still, the fact that I did such a U-turn on my rather principled stand so quickly can only signify that my spiralling decent into Sims 3 obsession is picking up pace. Lovely.

Generally speaking though, I wonder what EA’s plan is for future Sims 3 DLC. Talking to a fellow obsessive, I get the impression that they’re dangerously close to repeating themselves in certain areas. Holly informs that some of the more subtle features included in some of the Sims 2 expansion packs have transferred over and been retained in Sims 3 – for example the ‘young adult’ life stage, groups, hobbies, certain careers etc…  however there also seems to be a lot of content that also hasn’t been carried over. Pets for example, which were introduced in a Sims 2 expansion of the same name, are not in the Sims 3, and there’s other stuff like University and the odd feature that just by comparing lists I can see haven’t been included.

You have to wonder then what’s going to happen – Will EA be re-releasing these missing features in expansions of their own? Is a Pets expansion for Sims 3 on the horizon? Holly tells me she’s not that interested in Late Night, as it just seems to be a combination of the Sims 2 expansions Nightlife and Apartment Life. It’s a sentiment I can get behind in principle, although looking at it, I suspect there may be more unique elements than you might realise. Hopefully a relative will get it for me for Christmas or something so I can find out.

But then of course you have World Expansions, which really is a unique experience, and if my suspicions are correct (I’ll know more when I play it), then it may be one of the direct influences of The Sims: Medieval. In WA you get to visit exotic locations, and some of these, like Egypt, have puzzles and tasks for you to complete. It seems like a decidedly more focused experience, and it reminds me of the Quest-system that I previewed in Medieval.

I think it can’t be denied that there is an essence of trying to make some money in this plan that EA and the Black Box studio has. As cynical as it is, it fits in with the current DLC trends at the moment. To give them credit, their expansions so far (apart from WA as discussed) have been a mixture of old content brought forward, but also new/unique content, which is a good balance to have. We’ll have to wait and see what the future holds – perhaps Pets were dropped all together because they just weren’t that good… who knows.

For now, I have an obsession to deal with.

Until next time.

  1. Emily says:

    I may not be able to run the third game, but you’re certainly making me feel like I need to dig out my copy of at least the first game plus expansions.

  2. Holly says:

    Actually with World Adventures, all three locations of China, Egypt, and France have tomb exploration :)

    I think if we’re going to get mad at EA about the price of their items and content, we should be screaming about their online store. While most everything seems pretty cheap, in a content pack it would be even cheaper, and those content packs are overpriced to begin with.

    Oh, and of course they give you free money to spend there when you register Sims 3 or any expansion, get you good and hooked. You know what they say about dealers, first hit is always free.

  3. Ryan says:

    I honestly think that World Adventures could have just never even existed and no one would care. It’s a crappy expansion pack, in my opinion, but I AM looking forward to the Medieval EP. That looks pretty BA. I read the preview in Gameinformer. :D

    Keep Simming!


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