Posted: November 26, 2010 in Gaming, Humorous, Lifestyle/Culture
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So sorry to dwell on this subject more than you’d think it’d warrant. Something just happened that I genuinely found puzzling, and since this is my blog where I talk about stuff (and this qualifies as ‘stuff’), here I am.

You’ll remember the other day that I commented on a blog post that Mike Channell, one of OXM‘s guys, did about perceptions and woman. Well, that did the rounds a bit – which in itself was kind of cool/amusing, with many people doing their own commentary of the subject.

Mike himself has been keeping track of it all, probably in a bout of self-indulgence. Today, he tweeted this. Now, it’s not the tone itself that was surprising. For every opinion expressed, there’s always some jerk-off waiting in the wings to tear it to pieces, for no other reason that they can. This is The Internet, it might as well go into the dictionary as another word for negativity, trolling and general douche-baggery (I’m all about the Americanisms today it seems). In its own way its rather amusing actually, and even Mike himself seems to find the whole thing funny.

What honestly confused me about ‘Mr. Angry’ (to save me writing he/she all the time, we’re going to assume it’s a guy with that handle) is, well, I’m not quite sure what exactly he objects too. The only thing I can ascertain for certain – apart from the fact that he’s an idiot – is that he objects to Mike branding the lady in question as ‘reasonably cute’, but other than that, he just seems to be rejecting the whole notion that people still have prejudices about gamers and gaming, or about people who write about them. Apparently we’re all harking for the good old days were our “underdog” facade was sexy.

If I’m at my most introspective and self-critical, I could argue that Mike and anyone (like myself) who wrote about this could be verging slightly on the side of whine. But can you blame him? Guys meets cute girl, guys starts talking to cute girl, cute girl (allegedly) learns what guy does for a living and shits in his face. I’d be a little sore after that too. Perhaps we are hamming up the whole prejudice angle slightly based on two very isolated incidents, and if so then I apologise, but Mr. Angry’s response is as baffling as it is unnecessary – very.

By the way, us twitter folk have all agreed that this is one of the funnier lines in this otherwise pointless and trolltastic piece of dialogue:

Please bear in mind that Mike reviews videogames in exchange for a monthly salary. He isn’t leading a guerrilla resistance movement or fighting against social oppression.

Anyway, enough about that. I was actually in the middle of working on a different, far more interesting post (well, at least I think so) when this happened, so I’ll get back to that.

Until next time.

P.S. It seems we’ve decided to take this seriously, to try and help people who may have been unduly affected by Mike Channell. Stand by for the following Public Service Announcement…

Do you know someone who is, or may be, a Mike Channell? Do you suspect a loved one or friend might be in danger of being affected by Mike Channell? Buy a T-shirt to help raise awareness to what is fast become a major social problem, and to help fund our emergency Channell Helpline, and to help start up the Society for the Protection of Slightly Agitated Folk. Don’t delay, agitation is just a Channell Away.

  1. Emily says:

    There have been a lot of people affected by this. We may need to seek help from the Disasters Emergency Committee…

  2. Holly says:

    What a pretentious, self involved ass. Has he no clue that he looks infinitely more petty, childish, and stupid by prattling on as if someone cares what he thinks?

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