Red Dead(Ringer)

Posted: November 30, 2010 in Lifestyle/Culture, Non-Gaming, Other
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So, in honour of Leslie Nielsen I was going to watch Airplane! last night… only to realise that we don’t seem to own Airplane! Which I found odd since it’s one of my favourite comedies. On further research I realised that it was my Dad who owned Airplane! (and Airplane! 2, but that’s not important right now). So all in all my planned tribute to Leslie kind of failed, especially. Will have to rectify that by buying them on DVD for myself.

Not much has happened lately that’s inspired me to write, so it’ll just be a short one today. I was thinking of posting up some thoughts on Blu-ray and 3D technology, as I bought my first Blu-ray yesterday – I’ll want to flesh it out a bit first though… that, and it’s too bloody cold. In order to cut costs, I don’t have the heating on during the day as I spend most of it in the same room, so instead I wrap up in my coat and some fingerless gloves. I shit you not. Still so cold though… my office apparently is a converted out-house, so it’s only got one layer of skin and thus doesn’t retain heat too well.

Speaking of cold, watch this. I’d embed the video, but the YouTube version has disappeared so that will have to do. I loved DeadRingers… and even afterwards when John Culshaw went solo for a while. Shame he seems to have disappeared, his impressions were spot on sometimes. The great thing about DeadRingers though was their ability to remain topical. I remember this one sketch during the last election that Tony Blair won, and also during the whole supposed scandal where Labour were monitoring postal votes or something. Jon Culshaw, as Mr. Blair ended this particular sketch with “I Know where you live!” in reference. Great stuff. I can’t find that specific clip, but here’s a sample episode.

Until next time.


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