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Something else I meant to share with you earlier, courtesy of MrPointyHead. Who, incidentally, doesn’t have a pointy head as far as I can tell… well, it’s a bit long I suppose. This came with the caption “My favourite thing about Jessica Chobot? Why, her versatility of course!” I’ll admit, I chuckled.

I actually don’t have anything against IGN’s Jessica Chobot. Sure, you do get the sense that they’ve stuck a pretty face in front of the camera, but from what I can tell she seems to genuinely enjoy gaming and that she knows her stuff, so as long as she is ‘real’ in that sense, I have no objection.

It does bring up the whole objectification of women somewhat though. Not that, being a guy, I can really comment on sexism and the way women are portrayed in the videogames media. As I hinted at yesterday though, there is a slight problem there, and I’ve had many an interesting  conversation about it.

Maybe I’ll post some thoughts here about it, but I’d rather not kick the hornets nest… it’s not that I personally think I have outrageous views on the subject – I’m all for gender equality and respect and all that – I just also am a serial fence sitter and I like to play Devil’s Advocate a lot, I’d probably say the wrong thing and upset a butt load of people, which is never fun.

Until next time.


  1. Holly says:

    Meh, you already know my feelings on this stuff. She doesn’t personally bother me, but IGN does. They spend most of their time objectifying women for their male audience, thinking their little token girl gamer club will make up for it. Instead of finding a way to include everyone, they find a way to cover their own asses and deflect criticism while continuing their link-baiting agenda. They want to court female attention and page hits, but they don’t want to actually respect them in the process. It’s just one more publication that asks females to not only be okay with men being the default, the center of attention, and the only audience who’s attention they care to focus on, but to be okay with the dehumanization of women that goes on there routinely by posting items specifically and only meant with the purpose of objectifying them.

    Personally, I’m not falling for it.

  2. Emily says:

    I just avoid IGN. I do the same with guys in real life who seem intent on obsessing over the physical and they also don’t happen to be my fiancé.

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