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Posted: December 21, 2010 in Gaming, Other
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So, another year draws to a close. I wish it wouldn’t… I generally hate the passage of time, as getting older is kind of rubbish. I know friends and acquaintances who would slap me right about now because they already are older, but hey, don’t hate on me because you’re beyond saving – there’s still hope for me!

Anyway – the year in Games. I’m probably not doing myself any favour by trying to write an article like this: not good with open-ended questions. For example, a job interview I went for back in March, one of the interviewers asked me what games I was looking forward to at this year’s E3. I honestly couldn’t remember. I think my memory is very contextually based or something, I need prompting, or memory aids or things like that. As weird as it sounds, it’s not like I wasn’t looking forward to anything, I was, I just couldn’t remember what they were under pressure. I made up some really poor excuse as to why I couldn’t remember as well, which made me cringe afterwards. I didn’t get the job.

It’s ok though, I’ve just gone back through Strategy Informer’s archives to see what games we’ve covered this year, so it’s all gravy. So, without further ado, here’s my own personal 2010 Videogames Overview:


The Saboteur – This wasn’t actually that good, but it was the first game of the year I reviewed. Pandemic’s last offering as an official studio, it was interesting, but a bit repetitive and the protagonist was very clichéd. Still, traipsing all around Paris waging a war of terror against the Nazi occupation forces had its moments, and hell, if you got really bored you could always jump in a tank and just start tearing the place up GTA style.

Mass Effect 2 – The GOTY for many, this game certainly was a block-buster experience, and I certainly really enjoyed it. There were a few bug bears… the carried only decisions only really came into play in a major way in a handful of instances, with the rest being slightly superfluous. I wouldn’t be surprised if that whole mechanic was decided on late in the game or something. Not to mention, Legion was the best character in it by far and he doesn’t turn up till right at the end. Criminal!

M.A.G. – One of the reasons I wanted to get a PS3 in the first place, MAG was interesting in concept, could have been better in execution. Still, I’m very much enjoying it at the moment, and from what I hear I think it has definitely gotten better since release, but it requires a certain mindset, one that’s not really fostered by the likes of Call of Duty. Here’s hoping that ‘MAG 2‘ will hit the nail on the head. With an airstrike.

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood – A late entry into the proceedings, I think this game took everyone by surprise. Sure, it’s still not perfect, but considering they’ve only been working on it a year, it’s really good. Also, I think the way they integrated multiplayer is just perfect, and a hell of a lot of fun. Still, with Ubisoft now wanting yearly AC releases, it’s only a matter of time before the franchise becomes stale, but for now, we can enjoy the good stuff.

Paradox Interactive – The whole company gets a special mention, as I think they’ve had a really good year. Admittedly, they’re not a mainstream publisher, but they have had some good games out this year, and next year is looking good for them as well. Mount & Blade: Warband, Victoria 2, the improvements to Hearts of Iron 3… I think between these guys, 1C, and the AAA PC supporters, the platform has got some good times ahead of it.

Split/Second –Pretty much the only racing game I played this year, I actually really enjoyed Split/Second. I’m surprised it didn’t get more critical acclaim. I found that the reality-TV setting was very unique, and there was something quite satisfying about timing the explosions and traps to take out your competitors. I haven’t really been online with it, as if you’re not at the same level as everyone else there’s really no point, but still, silent stunner of the year in terms of racing I think.

And the rest – so as to not make this too long, the following are games that I played that I quite enjoyed, but there isn’t anything specific I want to say: Fallout: New Vegas, Final Fantasy XIII, Napoleon: Total War, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Starcraft 2, Civilization V, Red Dead Redemption, R.U.S.E., Roma Surrectum 2.0 (MOD for Rome: Total War)

Although, in regards to New Vegas: I’m sorry, there’s really no excuse for releasing a game that buggy, this late into not only the studio’s lifespan, but the game engine’s life-span as well. I’ll leave it here for now… might do a ‘part two’, depends how much I feel like assigning arbitrary rewards… although there have been gaming ‘events’ that have happened this year that are worth talking about. We’ll see.

Until next time.

  1. Marco Fiori says:

    Has Hearts of Iron III finally been fixed on Steam that it can run without crashing…

  2. Marco Fiori says:

    Also, I didn’t get any bugs with NV bar the odd creature in the wall?

    • Depends what platform you owned it on I think. Admittedly, the console version seems to be more polished – I did my review with the 360 one, but i’ve seen videos of the PC version, talked to some people… I think it’s all good now after the patces but there were quite a few bugs there, from what I understood.

      RE: HoI III – no idea, I got mine from GamersGate.

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