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Posted: December 23, 2010 in Lifestyle/Culture, Work Related, Writing/Journalism
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Of course it’s not all about videogames you know… well, except when you play and review videogames for a living like I do I guess. Still, that makes it even more crucial to make sure you do ‘other’ things sometimes. Like video games – I hear they’re worth checking out. Not only has this been an interesting year in videogames, for me personally and for the industry, it’s also been an interesting year for my life as well.

The big thing, I guess, was in March when I was promoted to Deputy Editor over at Strategy Informer. When I graduated Uni last year, I gave myself the goal of a year to try and make something of myself in the Videogames Industry, otherwise I’d move on to find a more standard career. Thankfully, making Deputy Editor at Strategy Informer meant I didn’t have to. Granted, it’s only the first step in what I imagine will be a long road, but it was a good first step.

As Deputy Editor, I basically become the ‘public face’ of the company. I’ve been going to any and all press events I can, really trying to promote Strategy Informer as the main stream site we want to be, and just getting to know people and make new friends. Still, it’s not all fun and games… being Marketing Manager as well, I’ve really learnt what it takes to try and help fund a growing website like ours, and it’s not easy. That, and we have to continually fight to change the perception of what our website is, and there’s been a number of rages, headaches and “Kill me now” moments.

Nothing else of note has really happened this year. Before March, I wasn’t really doing much except getting what freelance work I could and  looking out for jobs – and watching my bank balance slowly dwindle to nothing. After March however, it was just one big learning curve, both in my new job and life in general. I’ll cover this is in a separate post, but hopefully, 2011 will see a lot of changes.

2010 Musings

  • A healthy-looking bank account does lead to happiness.
  • ‘Adult’ dating (as in dating for grown-ups, not what you’re probably thinking) exists within a temporal anomaly where nothing really plays out how, when, or where it’s supposed to.
  • For a non-sentient natural phenomenon, Snow is fairly proficient at cock-blocking.
  • I have no friends (So I’m told)
  • Living in a village is the bane of any decent social life.
  • There is such a thing as ‘too much’ videogames.
  • As good as the money is, I hate marketing.
  • I may or may not have an unhealthy obsession with soundtracks.
  • Breaking up sucks. Even if you are the one to do it.

I don’t think I’m ever going to get used to this ‘growing up’ malarkey, not whilst I’m still living at home anyway. As necessary as it was (And as much as my mum is a saint for supporting me) living at home makes it feel too much like nothing has changed. Working from home as well hasn’t helped matters, as even though I am actually doing a really job now, I’m doing it in the exact same place as relaxing and keeping in touch with online friends, etc…

If I’m being very honest, I think I’ve done the working from home thing too soon… I lack the discipline and coordination an office environment could instil, but I’m getting better. As I said though, bring on 2011!

Until next time.

  1. Marco says:

    Haha, if you’ve actually done ‘proper marketing’ and not ad sales / social media like you’ve been trying, you wouldn’t say marketing sucks!

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