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Posted: December 28, 2010 in Gaming, Operation: GBTD, Writing/Journalism
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So, many a week ago, I unveiled Operation: Get Behind The Darkies**. In short, it was my plan to try and better myself as a games writer by playing through some of the older, more iconic games that everyone’s expected to have played. The only unifying trait that lumped games into this auspicious category was the unilateral cry of “What. The Fuck.” I got from pretty much everyone when it was revealed I hadn’t played game X or Y.

So, several weeks down the line – how am I doing? Not great… well, I’m on the right track I’d argue, but yeah… progress is slow. Basically, whilst I’ve managed to acquire several classics, I’ve yet to actually get around to playing them. Bioshock, is a classic example – despite picking it up dirt cheap on Steam around the same time I launched Operation: GBTD, I’ve yet to actually start it up. I’ll get around to it, swears.

Other games I’ve picked up recently: Baldur’s Gate 1 & 2 were going cheap on Good Old Games, and I also picked up the first Fallout game as well. I’m sure you’ve all noticed the mega Steam sales on-going at the moment too, and I’ve picked up a few other games to help expand my repertoire:

Just Cause 2 – Hearing about it, this game reminded me of Mercenaries 2, which I actually liked despite it’s obvious unfinished-ness. Apparently the story in JC2 is bollocks, but it’s worth playing for the sheer open-world scale alone.

The Witcher – Well, I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about Witcher 2, and this was going cheap so I thought why not. It’ll be good to try other RPG’s.

The Polynomial – This looked like a really funky and interesting little indie title, like Geometry Wars but with sound instead of maths.

Day of the Defeat: Source -You can never have enough World War 2 shooters. I didn’t really want to get into Counter Strike: Source, so the thinking was that it’s WW2 cousin would be just as good.

The Orange BoxTF2, Half-Life 2… I’m surprised I haven’t been hunted down and killed for not playing these yet. Although I have played and completed the XBLA version of Portal, so hah.

Patrician IV -This got mixed reviews, but it’s yet another type of game I haven’t really delved into much, so I thought I’d give it a go.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – Yeah, I bought it. Picked up Vietnam as well… I know I have it on 360 but I wanted to see what PC FPSing was like. I suck at it.

Apart from the last one however, I haven’t actually played any of these… I should probably get on that. I have been playing some games though… Civilization V, The Sims 3, Men of War: Assault Squad Beta, Assassin’s Creed 2… had Tron: Evolution for review… Played a little bit of Diablo II as well.

What can I say, they’re all on my ‘to do’ list. Well, not that list (Look left)… I should probably update that.

Until next time.

** It occurs to me that I may be indulging too much into the casual racism that South Park is so very fond of – Not everyone likes their brand of humour. If you’re offended by my use of that particular line from the film, I apologise.

  1. Emily says:

    “The Orange Box – TF2, Half-Life 2… I’m surprised I haven’t been hunted down and killed for not playing these yet. Although I have played and completed the XBLA version of Portal, so hah.”

    How do you know that there aren’t any ninjas waiting for you in the shadows?

  2. […] go through some of the more iconic older games is something to work on in 2011. As I talked about recently, I bought a bunch a games through various sales that I haven’t even touched yet… many […]

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