Moving Forward: 2011

Posted: December 31, 2010 in Gaming, Lifestyle/Culture, Non-Gaming, Other
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So, 2010. That was a bit of a weird one wasn’t it? But now, as the memories fade, we must once again look towards the coming year and decide what we want to do with all 365 (and a quarter) days that are available to us. Usually, this takes the form of a whimsical and sometimes arbitrary list that no one ever follows. I did one last year… shame I deleted it, I could have made a post out of analysing how well I’d done. I seem to remember I didn’t do too badly, actually, although I had several changes in circumstances that rendered parts of it no longer applicable. Oh well.

This will be my second New Year’s Resolution list as an official adult – marked in terms of since graduating University, which to me was the last valid reason for avoiding truly ‘becoming’ an adult. Not as important as the first one, which was 2010’s, but hey, I didn’t have my blog then. Not that the fact that this is a list done in official adulthood is that special anyway, but you know, I like to keep track of these things. So, what are my aims and goals for this coming year?

New Year’s Resolutions 2011

  • Move Out – This is something that I definitely want to achieve this year. Not that there’s necessarily anything wrong with living at home, but I’ll be honest, I miss the freedom of having my own place. That, and the village my mom chose to ‘shack up’ in makes it pretty hard to re-build my fledging social life. Still, not only will it be a mark of independence, but getting my own place would mean that I’m finally starting to be able to support myself with the work that I’m doing, which would be a huge-mile stone for me.
  • Get Fit – I wouldn’t be surprised if this was number 1 or 2 on a Top Ten List of things that become resolutions. But I’ll add it in anyway – thing is, I used to do Tae-Kwon-Do with my best friends… did it for about three/four years. Whilst I’m a little bored of it now (especially since I don’t do it with my mate anymore), I do miss the fitness it brought me, so I’m going to try and regain that through more common means. Or take up something else that interests me.
  • Work on Discipline – Apart from moving out, this is probably the all important one for me. I lack discipline, I lack a routine…If I’m to continue working at home, both here and wherever I end up, I need to get that back. I’m too easily distracted during work hours, my sleeping patterns are abysmal and motivating myself to get up in the morning is like… a really really tough thing. #AnalogyFail
  • Advance Career – Another generic one… thing is though, I ain’t getting any younger, and despite being one of the youngest people I know in this industry, there are a few people I know who are younger than me, and already doing far better than me (at least, from my perspective. Not the same thing as ‘actual’ success I guess, but my own perspective is the only one I have to live with 24/7, so it’s still important). Therefore, I want to see where I can go this year. Either improving things at Strategy Informer, or by moving on to a new job, I want to try and tangibly move ‘up’ a notch on whatever vertical apparatus this industry is embodied by.
  • Gaming – there should probably be a gaming one… since this is my gaming blog… thing is I can’t think of anything specific I want to do. I guess continue with my quest to go through some of the more iconic older games is something to work on in 2011. As I talked about recently, I bought a bunch a games through various sales that I haven’t even touched yet… many haven’t even been installed. Perhaps clearing the list as it stands now is a task for 2011? Got to fit it in around work-gaming, and of course all of the super-special awesome games coming out this year.

Hmm… these are the only things that spring to mind that are important. There’s the odd other thing, but a guy’s got to have some secrets, right? I’ll add to it if I think of anything else. I’ll also devote a post more towards what games I’m looking forward to in 2011, get things back on track. Have you guys made any Resolution lists? Want to share some of your aims and goals for this year? Feel free to type something out below.

Hope you all had a good break, now back to work!

Until next time.

  1. Emily says:

    On the Get Fit note: you need to eat healthily and exercise for this to really happen. Also, Just Dance 2 helps.

  2. Holly says:

    I warned you that you’d have to get in shape and I distinctly remember you giving me a “fuck off” attitude about it, lol.

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