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Posted: January 5, 2011 in Non-Gaming, Other, Technology
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Now that I have a Playstation 3, naturally that means I can explore ‘High-Def’ properly and get me some Blu-Rays. So far, I have three – Eagle Eye (which is great film), Iron Man 2 (Which I haven’t watched yet) and Evangelion 1.11 (Just an anime movie). Much like the policy I have with games, I’m not going to duplicate any DVD’s that I have when buying blu-rays. Unless they’re presents from others… I suppose I could let those slide.

Admittedly, with only three items in my ‘collection’, one of which I haven’t even watched yet, I can’t yet see what all the fuss is about. The Managing Editor at work has some kind of HD-fetish, and he’s always going on about how good it is, but I have a feeling it only works well on certain types of films. Ones that are heavy on the CGI for example, are apparently very good when watched in HD, something I can check when I get around to watching Iron Man 2… might do that tonight actually… anyway. My anime DVD did have some CGI in it as well, but to be honest it I couldn’t see much difference between it and the version I used to have on my computer. Maybe it requires one of those side-by-side comparisons.

I know it does work for gaming though… back when Microsoft were first pushing HD on the 360 (and before I got the console myself), I played on someone else’s in HD, and then when I went home I would also play on my brother’s console, who wasn’t in HD. You could really tell the difference between the two standards, although I hear there’s not much difference between the individual HD standards, like 780, 1080p, 1080i etc…

And, I know it at least does seem to work for old films. A friend of mine (who has an extensive Blu-ray collection) showed me Zulu on Blu-ray. Not only is it the best film ever – along with Michael Caine’s debut as an actor – but it also looks AMAZING on blu-ray. I mean seriously, Oh-Em-Fucking-Gee… it was like I really was on some random plain in South Africa, except looking at it through a window or something. Very good transfer quality or whatever it’s called. There’s enough precedent anyway for me to have faith in the standard, so I shall continue to build my collection from here.

I’ll tell you what’s getting on my nerves though, this 3D trend that’s suddenly cropped up. HD, I can understand… it’s a natural progression of technology, and it’s been properly phased into the mainstream market I feel, although not all households have adopted. Yet now they’re trying to shove 3D down our throats as well. And shoving they are – with Sony developing games to go with the PS3 so that it can be played on their special new TV, to the cinemas suddenly adopting it as ‘must-have’ gimmick for most films… even Nintendo are getting in on the action, although true to form they’re taking the more pragmatic approach by experimenting with tech that doesn’t involve those ugly and expensive glasses.

Fellow games journo Johnny Cullen over at VG247 re-tweeted this article today – I really hope the technology does bomb this year. Not that I have anything against it, but there’s a time and a place, and it is NOT now.

Until next time.

  1. Marco says:

    Avatar’s the one good 3D film that’s blown me away. Pixar’s films were pretty decent in 3D. The rest are pants and I tend to go for the cheaper option.

    Regarding High-Def, I’ve watched the odd HD version of LOTR / Termintator on my 1900×1200 monitor and can tell the difference, but whether it actually adds anything really, I’d say no.

    I’m more interested in paying for a serious sound set-up. A good home-theatre 7.1 does about x100 to a film, while high-def can actually harm the experience.

    There’s also the fact that Blu-Ray disks are really, really expensive compared to DVDs (even the more recently releases).

    • Emily says:

      I’ll agree that a decent home cinema sound system is perhaps THE main factor that makes a difference watching anything at home.

      The benefits of Blu-Ray over DVD, are that the Blu-Ray version of a film will look far better on a 72 inch HD TV, because it’ll upscale better. Unless you’ve got a screen bigger than what most cathode ray TVs use to be like, it does seem a bit pointless.

  2. Really? I saw Avatar in 3D and I wasn’t that impressed by it. It gave it some nice effects when showing off some of the ‘future’ tech that existed, but all in all it didn’t really add anything significant for me.

    Can you pin down exactly what impressed you?

  3. […] asked people over Twitter a couple of weeks ago whether anyone had any opinions on 3D gaming. I did, as it happened, so he asked me to type up my views and send them […]

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