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Posted: January 7, 2011 in Gaming, Work Related, Writing/Journalism
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Well, last night’s post got a bit depressing towards the end didn’t it? It’s mainly true though – something I like to tell a lot of people who want to know what it’s like doing the “best job ever” is, you’d be surprised how much shit comes with the best job ever. Shit, and pressure. Yesterday was my birthday, and I’m now 23 – thankfully still sort of at the cusp of my career, but as I mentioned I know people who are younger than me doing better than me. Good thing it’s already part of the plan for this year to step up my game.

Easier said than done, of course, but I’m not here today to indulge in self-deprecation. In writing and researching last night’s extensive article, I came across a number of tid-bits tucked away over the internet, which I wanted to include but couldn’t really fit in without the post becoming (even more) puffy. I also dug up my dissertation again, which I’m still rather proud off, even if it could have been better. So, here’s a list of interesting things for you to browse during your Friday afternoon:

Videogames Journalism (Wikipedia) – Yes, believe it or not there’s a Wikipedia entry. It’s not the most extensive thing in the world, but it’s not a bad start for people who have no idea where to begin. It doesn’t provide any help on how to actually break in mind (I gave you some resources for that last night) but it touches on some of the issues surrounding the profession. I actually used to as a stepping stone for my own Dissertation on Media Ethics in Videogames Journalism.

Ethics in Videogames Journalism – an article written for the Online Journalism Review by a guy called Justin Hall, who I’m sad to say I don’t really know and have never met. Still, it’s a very interesting and illuminating piece, although knowing what I know now I probably wouldn’t have relied so heavily on it as I did back then. Still, it was (and still is in some respects) one of the few legitimate ‘academic’ pieces on videogames journalism.

Gamers’ Perks, or ‘Playola’? – An LA Times article from 2002 on Press Junkets and ethics, which I also used for my dissertation. Probably not as relevant towards today’s industry, but it’s an illuminating piece on the history of things. Again, knowing what I know now and having a better idea of where to find stuff, I probably wouldn’t have relied on this piece so much.

Videogames: A New Medium for Journalism – Something I stumbled upon the other night. Very interesting read, and I wish I had been able to find it back when I was doing my dissertation. Would have helped on the academic literature front.

Videogames Journalism – A Big Joke? – Not so much concerned with Ethics or even ‘How?’, but it harks back to when we were all talking about dating and admitting what you do. I sometimes have crises of faith like Matthew has, although for a range of reasons not just because of the derision factor. This is certainly no joke.

Games Journalism – A “To Do” List – Another random guide on how to break into the industry. This is rather an odd one in terms of what it recommends you do and what you should and shouldn’t know beforehand. I guess it couldn’t hurt to know that Mass Effect 2‘s Legion was a biblical reference, but to “quit” if you didn’t? Seems a bit harsh, as does his so-called “required” reading list, but hey, one should always try and strive for context.

Reading back through my Dissertation – Journalism Ethics in the Specialist Press: An Analysis of Videogames Journalism – it surprises me how limited my knowledge was at the time. What’s even more surprising is that the same Google Searching done now yielded more interesting and relevant pieces than my searches back then did. Odd. I might post up some stuff from it, if I feel like it. Might make for some interesting reading as I got some good stuff from it.

Enjoy your weekend people!

Until next time.

  1. Marco says:

    Thanks for sharing all the resources dude!

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