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Posted: January 13, 2011 in Non-Gaming, Other, Technology
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I always feel slightly unsettled when I spend a lot on money on something that I possibly might not need, but kind of do, but kind of don’t… Say hello to my new friend, by the way, the Samsung SF310 Laptop. Set me back £738 as you can see, which isn’t far off from what my desktop cost me after having bought all the parts individually. It’ll be arriving on Friday (touch wood), so I’ll have the weekend to play around with it in time for the eventful week I have planned.

Thing is, I have kind of needed a new Laptop for a while, but kind of not needed one. My current laptop, bless its cotton socks, has served me faithfully for nearly 4 years now I think. However, the battery is buggered again (and I’m not shelling out for a new one since the last one cost me £100 to replace) so I can’t use it independent from the mains. Also, I spilt tea on the keyboard a couple of years ago and never got around to replacing that either. Apart from that though, it’s still running strong. I could still use it for events and ‘on the go’ provided I had access to a power point but If I’m being honest it had long ago become a bit of a pain to use.

But the key point is that I could still have used it if I wanted to. I could take it to events, I could take it to America… I just chose to indulge in a bit of consumerism and buy a new one, because I could – and that’s what always makes me feel unsettled. Technically, I’m supposed to be saving so that I have some back-up funds should I move out and my finances suddenly go down the toilet, but then a new laptop (and PC monitors) have always been on the cards as well as funds for moving. Again, I would leave the monitors until I had moved out, but as I told you a while ago, my current one has developed a bit of an odd fault, and I have to wrestle with it every single day. That got tedious a while ago too.

I don’t know why it embarrasses me to buy something expensive like a laptop. I guess I’m uncomfortable with overt displays of wealth or something. I realised the other week I kind of pissed of my best mate when I told him I “Impulse bought” my PS3. The way I said it suggested that I whimsically dropped a couple hundred on a piece of tech I didn’t quite need, something he himself wasn’t in a position to do if he wanted (which he wouldn’t have, seeing as in he already HAD a PS3). That’s only the half truth though – I’d been saving/planning to buy a PS3 for a while, I just didn’t know when. It was going cheap at Sainsbury’s, so the decision to pick one up there and then at the discounted price was what was impulsive. I only had the money to spend because I’d been saving anyway.

But I digress. Point is, I have a new Laptop. I spent quite a bit on it and I’m just feeling a bit wobbly afterwards. I’ll be able to make the money back and resume saving. Reserve funds aren’t the big issue anyway, it’s stable income, which is another thing entirely.

Until next time.

  1. Marco says:

    Should have got a 15inch dell for like 400 quid if it’s just for work… Even better for portability is a notebook for around 300. That’s close to my desktop rig in price. Still, enjoy :)

  2. Emily says:

    I spent over £700 on my current laptop, which I’ve now had for over 2 years. It has a touchscreen, which I do use for Photoshop related stuff. Of that £700+ some of that was on extended warranty, which I’m glad I bought as I’ve already had to have the screen replaced once.

    I needed to replace my old laptop, because it was old and didn’t have Wi-Fi, a screen that was dying and so little RAM that it took forever to boot.

  3. I looked into a netbook, but it was too small for the range of things I’d use my laptop for I think.

    Yeah, I thought about going Dell again, but I decided against it this time.

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