Coming to you live from…

Posted: January 17, 2011 in Non-Gaming, Other, Technology
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… my new laptop!

It arrived on Friday morning, and I spent most of the day fiddling with it and getting it set up. It’s pretty sweet, I have to say. Not the colour I would have chosen, and the lack of a removable battery means that when the current one inevitably wears out, getting a replacement is going to be a bit of a pain. One of the reasons my old one lasted so long was because I was able to replace the battery relatively easily, even with the cost.

The real test is going to be this coming week though. Got a very active time ahead of me, so apologies if not many blogs actually go up, I’ll try and keep up. It’s much lighter than my old laptop though, so carrying it around is going to be easier – I’ve got two events coming up on Monday and Tuesday, so I’ll test out how good it is being carried around then.

On Wednesday morning, I go to New York! Very excited about this trip – never been there before and it’s going to see a publisher who’s games I like, so all in all not a bad way to start the year off. Paradox Interactive is a company that hails from Sweden, and primarily deals with niche PC titles, although they’re starting to experiment in more the console space. They’re mainly known for their more hardcore strategy titles, like Europa Universalis, Victoria and Hearts of Iron.

Just a short one today, mainly just testing what it’s like to type from here (not bad, considering). Going to be a very busy week I think!

Until next time.

  1. Marco says:

    Worst Picture Ever. Enjoy NYC dude! Pull some American birds, they’ll love the accent… If you can actually find any, all I found was tourists in NYC.

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