Long day is (was) Long

Posted: January 21, 2011 in Gaming, Lifestyle/Culture, Other, Work Related
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Well, this post was supposed to be done and up last night, but I ran out of time. I’d finish it now… but I’m hung over, slightly, and there’s free breakfast downstairs.

Quick update though: Yesterday was long, but good. Saw 11 titles from Paradox, and I’ve got a nother 4 or 5 left to see today. It’s going to be a good year for those guys I think, especially with their new online portal Paradox Connect driving new IP’s and franchises (and some old ones for them). I’ll post a proper round-up soon.

Last night was also very fun, we went to a local bar, took it over, and pretty much just hung out and chatted all night. I thought about trying to hit on one of the female developers, but every time I looked over they were just surrounded by guys who apparently had the same idea.

There’s not a company quite like Paradox – on the one hand they’re a videogames publisher, and I think on some levels all videogames publishers act the same way due to the fact that they have the same goals. But Paradox is definitely one of the more open and friendly publishers you will ever come across. CEO Fredrik Wester is also a legend, and it’s always a pleasure waiting to hear what he’ll say next.

Until next time.

  1. Marco Fiori says:

    Yeah, they’re cool and proof that trusting unconventional developers, games and platforms can succeed.

    That girl can read the blog you now that… :P

  2. So can CEO Fredrik Wester lol :P

  3. No no, she was from somewhere in Europe. Not going to say where otherwise it will be obvious to anyone who knows who I’m talking about. I was just having a laugh anyway.

  4. Marco Fiori says:

    Lies. You’re totally in love. It’s you.

  5. Marco Fiori says:

    Haha, that or you’ll in love with someone this coming Saturday…

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