Word Docs are Taking Over My Life

Posted: January 25, 2011 in Lifestyle/Culture, Other, Work Related
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I know, I know. I’ve been back since Sunday, I’ve been tweeting, the photos have already gone on Facebook… I should have posted something by now. If not about America, then just about something, anything. I’M SORRY. DON’T HURT ME!

But as  I said, all the way back at the beginning, I was never going to force myself to post. That’s where I went wrong last time – you force yourself to post, things get messy, you start to resent it, and it either comes through as crap writing or you just run away and pretend you don’t have a blog. I like it here, I like you guys (except you, Marco) and so I want to keep this up.

Problem is, the price of an all expenses-paid trip to New York is that I now have content coming out of my ears. Not to mention the several events I went to before NYC, as well as several new developments that occurred once I got back. Between round-up, previews, interviews, transcriptions, embargoes…. shit got real, basically. I’m probably going to have my keyboard glued to my hands for the next couple of days. I’ll try and get some stuff up, but again no promises.

Hmm, linking to my old blog made me go through some of my posts from back then. Man I was so up myself. In the mean time, enjoy a selection of photos from New York (if you can’t see them on Facebook).

Until Next Time.


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