That Guy

Posted: January 26, 2011 in Non-Gaming, Other
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Program Editor: What did journalists do before Google?

News Editor: Journalism.

You know that guy? That guy who’s always linking to things around the internet that, whilst sometimes are actually kind of [Funny|Interesting|Amazing|Quaint|DeleteAsAppropiate], really only reinforces the fact that he, or she (Girls can be “that guy” too, you know) really is incapable of having an original thought and must rely on others in order to preserve the false perception that they are interesting. Don’t you just hate that guy?

On that note, here’s a [Funny|Interesting|Amazing|Quaint|DeleteAsAppropiate] that the internet found for me whilst I was working today. If you’re quite sensitive to these sort of things, don’t worry, he doesn’t die. You just have to wonder what kind of person thought that this was a good idea (probably “that guy”).

I think my favourite bit is at 0:46/47 where, having just looked behind him to see if the coast is clear, he does some kind of hand gesture/shrug that seems to say “What? I’m still alive? Is that all?” I originally saw the video here, although it’s just a blog post about how much of a nutter this guy is. Some of the comments though are quite funny, if you like other people’s comments.

Until next time.


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