Posted: February 3, 2011 in Gaming, Technology, Work Related
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Oh wow, It’s been a few days hasn’t it? Sorry about that! I tend to get less motivated to write and stuff when not on my PC. I’m not used to actually doing stuff on a laptop since my old one has been dying a slow death for a while. I didn’t really speak much about this on my blog, but last week my monitor kinda of blew up. Or did a really epic fart… or something that just ended up being very smelly. And left me without a working monitor, although it did get me off the PC for a bit. I spend too much time on this thing.

It was a little sad though, in a way:  That monitor has served me well since I bought it when I made my rig, and to see it go out like that… *sniff*. Anyway, I took this opportunity to finally go for the dual screen setup I’d been planning to do for a while, and today, my new monitors arrived! Ta-da! Setting up wasn’t too much of a hassle… although in the week or so I had to wait for new monitors, I also took this as an opportunity to clean the inside of my rig a bit it can get quite dusty in there you know.  That resulted in a lot of cables lying around everywhere, and a lot of cables that I then had to plug back in the right places. But once that was done, I booted up the PC, checked that my monitor worked fine (it did) and then went and installed the second one. Took me a while to figure out how to configure it all, but I got t here in the end!

This just goes to show though how I probably should have done some more research first before going dual monitor. In my naiveté, I assumed going dual monitor would lead to this wonderful setup where it was like I had two computers or something, where I could do one thing on one monitor, and then one thing on another. Now, that’s technically true, but ‘nView’ -as the multi-monitor support that I use is called- has its limitations. Basically, you don’t have two desktops working independently from each other. You can extend your desktop onto the other screen, but things like the start menu bar don’t copy over. It’s just an empty space with your background, and you have to manually drag anything you want to use in that window, to that window.

Furthermore, with regards to gaming (which is the main reason I went to two monitors – one runs a game, the other has my work open, etc…), it differs from game to game. Some games don’t mind the fact that you have two monitors. Some now won’t load now that I have two monitors, yet more will load, but won’t let me access that other monitor… This was probably the most disappointing revelation, but then it ‘s my own fault for not checking. I think the most annoying thing though is that, even if I temporarily disable the other monitor, the games that don’t start-up still won’t start up. Which is especially annoying for games like Sword of the Stars as I was just getting into that.

So… I’m some-what happy with my new set-up, but I can’t help but feel I spent £130 on something I probably could have done without. I mean these are two 21.5″ monitors – one’s big enough! With these limitations on what I can do with the other one, it’s starting to seem like a bit of hassle. Oh well, worst comes to worse, I have an actual spare this time should something go wrong with the main one.

Until next time.

  1. Sam Clay says:

    I’m rocking a 32″ and a 24″ – You’re nothing to me ;)

  2. Emily says:

    My partner has two monitors, but he does video editing in AVID and it is a bitch to do that on one monitor.

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