Another day, another press event, and another Hilton Hotel it seems. These shindigs, whether they be for previews , reviews, showcases etc… will often be held in random Hotels or Bars around London. It’s one of my favourite bits about going to these things, actually – simply discovering all these weird and wonderful location around London. The more I go, the more I map out the place as well, as it’s probably a handy skill to be able to navigate at least the main parts by foot.

I’ve visited London several times while growing up of course, but I never properly explored the place, you know? Not sure why that was… it wasn’t too much of a trek to get to, but we just never felt like going. Same with the beach down in Brighton, actually – that wasn’t that out of the way and we never went there much either.

Forgive me If I seem to be rubbing this in or anything, but I just found it amusing how, barely a week after getting back from New York (where I stayed in a Hilton), I go to a press event that’s also held in a Hilton. I got to stay the night as well… maybe I should start ‘collecting’ Hilton visits. You could argue that the Hilton is a chain, and so the fact that I ended up in one isn’t exactly rare or anything – but I don’t remember ever going to one in the two and half years I’ve been doing this before, and I find coincidences like these amusing.

Can’t tell you what the game was that I saw, mind. Embargoes and all that. It was interesting though… more interesting than I thought it would be, and the perfect personification of dick-swinging.

Until next time.

  1. Marco Fiori says:

    Over the past year and a half, working in London has taught me a lot and generally, if its close enough, I’ll walk it. I’ve got a mental map of The City (thanks for my photography walks) and West End / The Royal Parks.

    It’s a good skill to have, especially if there’s issues with a Tube line.

  2. I’ve walked/jogged/ran through central London late at night to get to Victoria more times than I probably should have. I vaguely remember the way.

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