Weekend Tryouts: Introduction

Posted: February 5, 2011 in Gaming, Work Related, Writing/Journalism
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Ok, so you’ll remember a while back I said I would try and improve myself as a writer by experiencing new games, whether they are classics I never played growing up, or genres I don’t usually engage with, so I could write about a wider ranges of things and actually be able to appreciate where they are coming from as well.

I’m sort of half way there… the Steam sale at the end of last year, Good Old Games… I’ve managed to acquire several new titles that will help with this goal, I’ve just yet to actually play any of them. Oops. Anyway, that’s what lead me to try and start this regular blog feature – the Weekend Tryouts. Every weekend I’m able (I might be away or something), I will play one of my new games for a couple of hours, and write down some thoughts about it.

Now, I’m not sure what format this is going to take exactly – I’ve got two version of my first one that I’m going to put up, so let me know what one you prefer and we’ll see how it goes. Wouldn’t mind making some videos of these at some point as well, although I’m going to have to re-arrange some things.

Anyway, stay tuned for my first Tryout, The Witcher.

Until next time.

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