Ok, forget about the experimenting with styles for a moment, this was just too good to pass up. As I said I’m currently giving The Witcher a go. It’s looking like a very in-depth Fantasy RPG, and even though it’s quite interesting there’s things that will probably get annoying after a while. Geralt’s monotone voice for example, in fact, quite a few people’s voices, or at least the lines they are given, are pretty naff.

Something that IS quite good though, is the general atmosphere of the game. The morality system in its choices is supposed to not follow the more Bioware-esque Black-and-White model, which is refreshing, but the mere portrayal of the world is kind of… gritty. Like they really want to show you how messed up it all is. Poverty, Racism, gore… it’s all there. In some cases, this just involves a lot of swearing, but there’s also little things like, if you piss off someone you’re talking to, they stop talking to you and you physically have to leave the area and come back before you can talk to them again. That’s a nice little touch I thought. That, and not only has Geralt already slept with someone, but it looks like he’s about to sleep with someone else as well. I wonder if rampant sexuality is another theme they’re working with here.

Anyway, there was an actual story here:  So, I was minding my own business in the first proper zone after you do the prologue. I went to the Inn, because that’s what you do, and I was walking around when suddenly I hear:

Your mother sucks Dwarf C***.

I’m sorry, what did you say about my mum? Not only was this fairly surprising, but I was actually pretty offended as well. How dare a character sprite wonderfully rendered on a 21.5″ monitor insult someone who he’s physically incapable of ever knowing. You know, because he’s a collection of polygons with a sound script and everything.

Walking up to him, momentarily forgetting that I couldn’t actually sock him one, I saw a bunch of his mates beating the crap out of each other. Seemed an odd thing to see inside a public house (well, in the sense that no one was coming over to tell them to take it outside) so insulting douchecock momentarily forgotten,  I decided to see what was going on.

Now, you’ll remember earlier that I mentioned how Geralt’s monotone voice was kind of annoying, well this is the first (And so far only) instance where, not only was it not annoying, it was actually pretty funny. Here’s what went down:

Geralt: Some kind of tournament going on here?

Fat Freddy: We beat each other’s faces for money.

Geralt: Interesting…

Maybe you’re chuckling right now, maybe you’re not… it’s definitely something that’s probably lost in translation, but I found it funny. I then proceeded to fight as many people as possible, including Mr. Dwarf C***, and beat the crap out of all of them, earning me some in-game currency whilst I was at it. So yeah, how was your weekend?

Until next time.

  1. Marco Fiori says:

    Interesting blog today (not that other days aren’t…). It’s a terrific game, although not one I’ve ever completed.

  2. Yeah, it is quite enjoyable… I’m especially interseted in seeing how far the moraly ambiguity goes. I think some of the emotional content will probably end up being a bit weak though, some of the voice acting just isn’t great, but I’m definitely going to play it more in preperation for the sequel.

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Joe Robinson, Marco Fiori. Marco Fiori said: Nice blog today @SInformer_Joe – http://bit.ly/gumjVX #Witcher […]

  4. Ryan says:

    Freaking hilarious. XD

  5. […] In other news… I’ve had to give up with The Witcher 2 preview code: my below speak graphics card is causing issues that prevent me from playing… and I still haven’t decided what I want to do about it yet, so someone else is going to have to do the preview. It’s a shame, because even the first few minutes I’ve managed to play have been really interesting – the combat system is different, more skills based I think, and all of the other hardcore RPG elements are still there. I should jump back onto the first game, when I’ve cleared away some of the workload. You can read some impressions of the first game that I wrote down here. […]

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