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Posted: February 10, 2011 in Lifestyle/Culture, Non-Gaming, Other
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So, it seems I’ve been awarded the ‘Stylish Blogger’ award by a fellow muser. I wouldn’t call myself particularly stylish, but I’m assuming this particular award has just grown to mean anyone who you think is good. I’m genuinely flattered though, and receiving this reward comes with certain tasks, so I’ll get right on them.

  1. Thank and link back to the blogger who gave you this award.
  2. Share seven things about yourself.
  3. Award 5 recently discovered great bloggers the Stylish Blogger Award.
  4. Contact them and let them know!

Emily King is a freelance writer who writes scripts, graphics novels, features, and even videogame reviews. Her blog, My Not So Fictional Life, is full of witty musings and intriguing insights, especially from industries outside videogames – Definitely one you should check out. Thank you Emily, for thinking that I’m also worth reading.

Next, I’ll move on to who I want to give this award to, as that’s more important than me talking about myself. I mean, that’s what a blog is for, right? It can wait:

Lauren Wainwright – Probably the most deserving of this award, she’s the only person I know to have had her blog nominated for an Industry award. She’s a fellow videogames journalist like me, and her blog Daily Girl Attack Panic Super HD Remix is filled with similar insights and stories.

Mark Brown – This guy inspired me to want to do better in my writing and in broadening my experience as a games writer – he’s very dry and funny, and his blog Infamous Goat Puzzle, whilst infrequently updated, is well worth the read.

Holly Green – Whilst there are technically a few writers, Holly “Badfish” Green is the main one, and the person who started Gamer Grllz in the first place. She’s fiercely intelligent and a big supporter of women in the games industry, although that’s not something that’s really done on the blog itself. She also makes amazing videogame themed stuff.

Natalie Sabin – Or possibly Natalie Jade… I’m not quite sure. Anyway, Natalie is in her last year of Uni, and her dissertation is exploring the influence of women in the games industry. As someone who also did a very videogames-focused dissertation in my final year of Uni, I know what she’s got ahead of her and so wish her all the best. Her blog is quite interesting, she just needs to update it more :P

Martin Gaston – This guy is on another level sometimes, I think. He’s currently participating in the One a day Blog Project, but even that aside his writing is always poignant, witty and very entertaining. I would go as far to say he’s another inspiration for how best to make my own writing more amusing. His blog Mega Derived, is very much worth reading, although he does tend to throw in sexual innuendos and jokes, like, ALL the time.

Special mention also to Marco Fiori, who’s also very amusing. He was done by Emily though as well though, so there seemed little point in awarding him a duplicate. Now… Seven things about myself. Ok. I can do this:


This will have more of an impact on people who know me and have met me in person, but I’ve actually been to Anger Management. I was about 8? 9? I smashed a kid’s head into the table a couple of times for reasons I can’t quite remember anymore, and the school had me go see a councillor. I don’t remember much of it – I believe she went down the usual avenues. Family, Friends, etc… I don’t even know if there was an official result from it or anything. Personally, I thought it was boring and useless, and it had a habit of getting in the way of stuff I really wanted to do, but funnily enough ever since then I’m not really one to get angry, I dislike fighting, and have become something of an all-round pansy.

Also, the kid who’s face I smashed in is now one of my best friends.


My favourite book in the whole entire world is Ender’s Game, by Orson Scott Card. I picked this up on a whim from WH Smiths many a year ago, and it’s one of the best impulse purchases I’ve ever made. I’d seriously recommend this to anyone, even if you don’t usually read sci-fi. The futuristic setting is merely coincidental to the plot. It’s… It’s just amazing, ok? Go get it.

Lame to Fame

This is more about my family than me, but apparently I have some kind of Cousin that helped write Kevin and Perry Go Large. My ancestors also have a rock named after them on the coast of Australia – Bigamen’s Rock, and my Dad was part of the legal team that helped get permission for the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff to be built.


I’m slightly ambidextrous or whatever you call it, in that I can bend my middle fingers very far back and touch the back of my hands. I used to like using it as a ‘party trick’ but it’s slightly more painful to do in my old age… (of 23).

Comedy Gold

Listening to stories my Dad would tell people, apparently I was amazing as a kid. I once set the hose on my Granddad, and when a slightly plump lady sat near us in a restaurant this one time I looked at my Dad and said “She’s ever so fat, Dad”. If only I could unlock that kind of comedy genius now, I could take the world by storm.


My Dad dropped me on my head when I was very little. This explains a lot.


I can be resistant to change… in fact my mum may think I have mild Autism or something, although I just think I have a tendency towards OCD behaviour. When I was younger I would walk to school one way, but back from school a slightly different route, for reasons I’m sure made sense at the time. I was very stubborn though in the sense that I never wanted to deviate from that routine. Never.


Every weekday for five years I drank a 360 ml (I think) bottle of Dr. Pepper. It’s not that it was my ‘thing’ or anything, I just liked Dr. Pepper and so had it every day with lunch. Obviously, there were some days when I didn’t, but more often than not I had Dr. Pepper at lunchtime, and it was noticed by my friends.

For my 18th Birthday, my dad was going to by me some shares in the company that makes Dr. Pepper, but he couldn’t get it done in the end and the idea was never revisited.

And that’s me done. We will now return you to your regular programming schedule.

Until next time.

  1. Marco Fiori says:

    DAMN RIGHT. I’m worth duplicating ;)

    I need to do this tonight! Thanks as ever mate!

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