Posted: February 11, 2011 in Gaming, Lifestyle/Culture
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You know, I never really got into the whole ‘pre-order’ thing. I don’t remember it being that big of a deal when I was younger, but in the past couple of years pre-order incentives and special editions have really been pushed to help sell a game. Ok, maybe I have pre-ordered the odd game or two, but never that far in advance and never a special edition. I think the only Special Edition I’ve actually bought was the Halo 3 Special Edition, simply because I bought it with my 360.

I’m a firm believer in showing support for the industry where possible. When I went to the Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood mini-launch event, I bought the game there and then with the others who had turned up for the midnight launch. On discovering The Sims 3 when the PR people were kind enough to send me a copy to help me understand the series, I then went and bought the expansions… I’ve only ever pirated a game once, and that was Spore. I wanted to give it a try. Didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would so I didn’t buy it in the end like I do with my TV, but I did delete it from my hard drive and wipe the data. Don’t worry, It’s not something that was  justifiable, but it happened and those were my reasons at the time.

Anyway – despite this, I don’t pre-order games anymore, or even buy a special editions. I think the main problem is that, at least at the pre-order stage, but given what I do there’ s a high chance I’ll get the game for review so I tend to not bother. And I’m not talking about special editions – special editions as review code are very rare, and we more often than not give them away as prizes on the site. Still, I have a thing about duplication, and I just find it hard to convince myself that buying something I already have is a good thing.

It’s a shame, because Shogun 2: Total War is coming out in march, and if there’s any game I would want to pre-order, it would be that. But I know I’m going to get it for review – I love the series, I’m loving what I’ve seen with… but the fiscally cautious part of my brain is dominant right now, as usual. And then there’s Men of War: Assault Squad… although the only incentive you get with that is a free copy of the original Men of War, which I already have, so not so hard to just wait for that one.

Then of course there’s the issue of deciding which pre-order or special edition to get… it’s like I’m in that toy store in Newport all over again. When I was younger I’d go visit my dad about once a month, and we’d visit my grandparents in Newport a lot. There was this one Toy store he’d take me too every so often, and I could never decide what I want. Something’s that stuck with me into adulthood it seems. Anyhoo… nothing special today. Just had a brainwave.

Until next time.

  1. Emily says:

    I do still pre-order games. Not necessarily special editions, though I did get the Mass Effect 2 Collector’s Edition for 360 last year and if there’s something similar for the third game I’ll probably get that.

    But I don’t pre-order all the time. Unless it’s a game that I feel that I must play on launch or I’m reviewing and a review copy has not been forthcoming – I’ll probably wait until it’s gone down in price a little. Launch DLC is not normally an incentive for me to buy on launch.

  2. fazor3d says:

    The first and last game I pre-ordered was Zelda 64. I just don’t see a reason to pre-order. Where I live, very few releases are so in-demand that they’d be sold out at any given store, let alone at all of them. If I happen to have enough money to buy a title at release, and actually care enough to want a title on release day, I just stop in and buy it.

    I considered pre-ordering Duke Forever when Gearbox announced a release date. But then again, why?

    As for collector’s editions; I’m lucky if I can spare full price for a new title (as opposed to buying an older and/or used title.) I’m not going to spend $80, $90, $100+ for a few extra “goodies.” Not that I think buying them are stupid or wrong, they’re just not for me.

  3. […] other news, I pre-ordered Battlefield 3. It felt good, and apparently there’s even going to be a midnight launch, so I might attend that assuming […]

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