I’m being hit with increasingly worse bouts of what I like to call ‘Game Fatigue’ lately. No matter how many times I look over the pile of 360 games I’ve never touched, the Ps3 games I still need to try, the PC games that I used to play a lot off… nothing strikes my fancy. I’m only writing this post now because I couldn’t think of anything to play, so I thought I’d write instead to be productive.

It’s not so bad when a game comes in for review or preview – I have no choice but to play it. Then again, the sheer volume of games that come through that I have to play must be adding to the problem as well – all I do is play games, so when I finally have some free time, I just want to do something else instead. It’s a shame, because I was hoping to play some more The Witcher this weekend, since after last weekend’s rather humorous find, I was going to play some more to see what other lolz were to be had. Although, I did play a lot of Sword of the Stars this weekend. Even when I’m feeling the fatigue, I can usually play grand strategy games as I don’t need to ‘feel’ like it. I just go in, get buried by the micro, and suddenly it’s five hours later. Ace.

It’s  a delicate balance, because the last thing I want to happen is for me to loose my passion for gaming completely. What would I do then? Speaking of which, I should really try and work on broadening my options or something. Serious case of eggs in one basket right now.

Oh, and Happy Valentines Day, to anyone that it applies to.

Until next time.

  1. Marco says:

    Yeah, I’m totally the same, bar the two games I’ve reviewed this year, I’ve not touched a single game. Maybe my tastes are changing? I just want to go out and see my mates or relax with a DVD.

    Who knows!

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