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Posted: March 10, 2011 in Gaming, Other, Work Related
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Sorry about the lack of blog-age past couple of days – March is actually a pretty busy month this year in terms of games. Been to London quite a lot recently, with all of the write-ups that entails, not to mention several games on the go for review. Saw Red Faction: Armageddon and Homefront from THQ this week – although that’s about all I can say about those for the moment due to embargoes, and I’ve got several other trips planned over the next week or so.

Just finished reviewing Dragon Age II for the site – you can read my review here if you’re interested. I liked it, it was enjoyable… narrative is a lot better than the first game, but then that’s about it. Whilst the console version is far superior than the console versions of the last game – I fear that in trying to… I don’t know, appeal to everyone? It lost something. Check out metacritic and you’ll see that it’s certainly been divisive, even the PC version. I’ve got code in for that but I’ve yet to try it out.

One thing that’s struck me as odd with the whole RPG thing though is that you still have to choose who you bring with you on outings… I don’t quite see the point to it anymore. Surely the technology exists to have everyone coming with you if you wanted? If not always controllable then at least present. In fact the ending sequence of DA2 has your entire roster fighting a long side you, even if they’re not part of the party. I can just imagine how that conversation would go in real life:

“Right, we’re off to save the world from unspeakable horror! Dave, Steve, Karen, you’re with me. The rest of you stay here.”

“What, why?”

“Well Dave’s got a punch like an ox, Steve is known to have a deus ex machina or two up his sleeve, and, well, I’m sleeping with Karen.”

“No I meant why are you only taking three? We’re all ready, we all want to get stuck in.”

“Sorry… er, budget cuts. I can only afford to insure 3 of you at a time. I would take you with me but… you know… Legal would have my balls on a platter.”

“Well… what are supposed to do in the meantime then?”

“I don’t know, twiddle your thumbs, stand around… knit. What do you normally do whenever you’re left behind?”

“… all of the above, pretty much.”

“There you go then. Right, let’s go! Oh, by the way Steve, I need you to put this dress on. It has +1 Dexterity…”

It’s just one of those gameplay conventions no one’s thought to mess with I guess (although if you know of any examples of where it has been altered, feel free to share). RIFT, and MMO I’m currently playing through at the moment, is a game that tries to mess with certain MMO conventions that have arisen – such as the safety of quest hubs and enemies on the road, etc…

Anyway, I’ll be off – need my sleep! I’ll try and resume normal programming ASAP.

Until next time.

  1. Kaiber says:

    Now, I’ve never played Dragon Age, although I do really want to, but surely being forced into choosing only three party members is a tactical proposition? I assume that each person you can choose from has a different set of abilities? It just means that you have to take in your surroundings, think about what’s ahead, and choose wisely before taking something on. I could be completely wrong but just a thought.

  2. Oh no you’re right – it is a deliberate tactical thing that’s a convention you could say of RPG’s… I just would like to see someone not do that for a change. Trying to guess who’d be best for what situation, short and long term, is kind of annoying. And if you make a mistake, you may not be able to rectify it.

    But you’re right, and I understand that that’s why it’s done. I was just musing really.

  3. […] been a long week, as I mentioned last time, but it’s over now. I’ve got Homefront and RIFT to do for review still, some preview […]

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