It’s odd how timing works. Obviously you’ll know by now what happened in Japan – my thoughts are with all those who have been affected. I’ve always thought though that if anyone could handle themselves in a situation like this it would be Japan, and from what I’ve seen they’ve rallied quite well. It’s interesting because whilst their architecture these days is very much geared to help withstand earthquakes, it’s not necessarily built to withstand Tsunami’s… but then what can you do with counter one of those?

Recently I review Total War: Shogun 2 for Strategy Informer, and I was surprised to see the community questioning whether or not its release today was in ‘bad taste’, considering what had just happened. They argued that, whilst this game has nothing to do with Tsunami’s (although Earthquakes and volcanoes are present as an environmental hazard), it depicts a very violent and bloody period in Japanese history. Not sure I’m with them on this one – as far as I know, the Japanese aren’t ashamed of the Sengoku jidai era of feudal Japan, so it’s not like the release of Shogun 2 would be bringing up yet more bad memories for them. I can imagine if, say, Germany had a massive natural disaster and then a game about the Nazi’s game out, sure, maybe there’d be something to think about, but a strategy game is pretty harmless I feel. Still, it’s hard for me to judge, so if you guys have any views feel free to share them.

Something that HAS made be pause though is a game I saw only yesterday. I won’t mention the name of the game or anything as I’m under an embargo that runs out tomorrow evening, but I’ll talk about it more then. Still, the single gameplay level I had to play with involved me having to deal with a Tsunami, which seemed like awfully bad timing to me. I thought about asking the developer about that, but to be honest it would have been pointless, I mean this game’s been in development for a while, and it’s not due out for a while either.

Still, my preview will be going up tomorrow, and I’m wondering whether I should writer about the Tsunami stuff with care, or just pretend that it doesn’t matter. Hmmm.

Until next time.


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