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Posted: April 1, 2011 in Gaming, Humorous, Lifestyle/Culture
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Ah April Fool’s day, simultaneously the best and worst day of the year as far as the gaming industry is concerned. On the one hand, you get to see really inspired joke announcements and gags, and on the other, it makes reporting the news for the day really, really hard. What’s equally as funny, and in many ways tragic, is how worked up people can get – whether they get annoyed over the day in general, or get annoyed over people who get annoyed, or what, tempers do fly. And I count myself in this, as I got slightly worked up over something as well.

Sadly, It’s the very paradoxical nature of April Fools – we love the jokes and the gags, except when they’re played on us, which just bruises the ego. But there you go… as silly it is to get worked up over April Fools, it’s just as silly to expect anything else. At least it only lasts for a day.

What I usually look forward to every year is what IGN do. They’ve had a tradition of doing fake trailers for things, in recent years videogames. Last year they did a Halo Bollywood Movie trailer, and in previous years they’ve done things like a Zelda movie trailer, all of which have been high quality, and so realistic you can’t help but wish they were real. This year they did a Harry Potter TV series trailer, which was ok.. but it liked the satirical element I like in their April Fools stuff. Oh well. Videogamer have been part of a really great gag though, whereby they’ve been promoting a fake videogame called Dragon Rally. This was all orchestrated by Matt Lees, and several other sites have been involved as well, including the Inside Xbox team who do videos for Xbox Live.

There have been other good ones as well, from Destructoid re-doing their site so that it’s all hand-drawn, to Blizzard announcing a Starcraft II Kinect version, to Paradox announcing Vietnam expansions for all of their titles (in homage to Magicka, which really is getting a Vietnam expansion). We kept to the gagging to our own community this year – we were running a Crysis 2 competition, and we announced the winners were Me, The Boss, The Managing Editor and our admin guy… yeah, not the greatest thing ever, but the people who entered had a chuckle.

Speaking of which, I should probably go and change that and announce the real winners… how was your guys April Fools? See anything truly epic that you want to share?

Until next time…

P.S. Are you fucking kidding me?

  1. Holly says:

    I got Alex good, convinced him it’d snowed a few feet over night. Got him to get out of bed and everything. Classic.

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