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Posted: April 9, 2011 in Gaming, Work Related
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Well, that was interesting. I don’t know how people manage to do these crazy all night outings, somehow the state you’re left in the next day doesn’t quite make it seem worthwhile. But yeah, certainly ended the week in style, and shame. Mainly shame, but hey you live and learn right? Well, maybe not learn due to the degrading affect alcohol has on the brain, and if you’re having a bad night, you may not even live either… who thought this was a good idea, again?

Cryptic self-reflection aside, I might as well get back to some of that stuff I promised you guys. I’ll talk about Sims: Medieval, since that’s been out for a couple of weeks now and my review went up on Monday (which you can read here, if you’re interested in the ‘official’ verdict).

In short: I liked it, but it was an oddly jarring experience in many ways. The main problem was is that I think I went into the process expecting The Sims 3 set in a Medieval town… which was a bit silly of me, really, considering I had seen the game before during the preview tours. Even so, I was actually expecting something similar to the World Adventure holiday areas, which introduced quests and tasks into the current generation, but the Sims: Medieval is slightly beyond that as well.

The thing is, even in World Adventures, you had to take care of your Sim and actually ‘live’ a life, in Medieval, it’s less about the life than the story. I know in The Sims you are still creating your own story, but in Medieval a lot more is already defined, and you simply choose what bits you want to do. Also, it’s not about picking just one Sim anymore – by the later stages of the game, you will have a pool of nine or so Sims from which you can embark on quests, and some quests may find you juggling two or more at a time.

As I said in my review, the potential here is quite fascinating in term of what else the series can do, but If I’m being honest with myself, I just wanted The Sims 3: Medieval. It’s hard to feel a connection with these seems when you’re dropping in and out all the time (and you can only control a Sim during a quest, there’s no in-between moments), and because many of the social features and mechanics connected with ‘living’ have been stripped out, it’s not the life simulation it used to be.

But hey it’s still a good game, and well worth checking out, you just need to be aware of what you’re getting in to. I’m still playing through it as I want to see how it holds up in the later game phases, as I have some doubts over its longevity and replayablilty. I’ve already done the same quest twice.

Until next time…

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