Yeah, so this arrived in the post for me. I requested one from the local PR because all of the talk coming from Fanfest got me excited and I thought, well, why the hell not? Of course you know what will happen, don’t you? I’ll be faced with the same thing everyone faces – a big persistent universe with no direction, and no one to talk to… *sigh*. This is going to go well. Still, I plan to do another interview on this game, so I want to jump in again, get a feel for the world before I start doing my research and put together my questions.

Although this is getting  kind of late now, so massive apologies to the PR person involved! Not that she can see this.

In other news… I’ve had to give up with The Witcher 2 preview code: my below speak graphics card is causing issues that prevent me from playing… and I still haven’t decided what I want to do about it yet, so someone else is going to have to do the preview. It’s a shame, because even the first few minutes I’ve managed to play have been really interesting – the combat system is different, more skills based I think, and all of the other hardcore RPG elements are still there. I should jump back onto the first game, when I’ve cleared away some of the workload. You can read some impressions of the first game that I wrote down here.

It’s a shame though, because this is one beautiful looking game. Even on low it’s impressive, although the higher settings pertain more to the character models I think. Check this out:

Left is on ‘High’ settings, right is on ‘Low’ settings (sorry about his eyes being closed). It’s more impressive to see in person, but hopefully this gets across the idea that this game means business, which is refreshing, because even developers like Crytek seem to be bowing the influence of consoles, as many would argue Crysis 2 showed. I think what really took my breath away though was one of the first vistas you see. I’m hoping there’s more of these in the game, and what’s better is that they don’t see as affected by graphic settings as the character details are:

Again, some of it might be lost in translation (or uploading, in this case) but PC gamers definitely have something to look forward to in this game. There’s been talk of a possible console version, by CD Projekt have said that work on that would only occur, if at all, after the PC version is out and polished, so that’s good.

With the Witcher 2 off the cards, I’m going to be playing the Gears of War 3 beta, as well as reviewing Section 8: Prejudice, so stay tuned for coverage on Strategy Informer, or any blog posts I make here about it. The embargo for Section 8 isn’t until next week though, so you’ll have to wait for that. I’ve also got coverage of the next Sims expansion, Generations (I sense another Sims binge), and Shadows of the Damned coming next week too. Busy busy busy!

Until next time….

  1. Emily says:

    Have just made Paul check if his editing PC can run Witcher or the sequel. It can run the first, but not the second, fails on video card.

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