So, I just lost my first ship in EVE Online. Well, not my first ship, as I think I may have mentioned before, I actually had a year long stint with the game a couple of years ago whilst I was still at uni – initially as research for a feature I wrote for uni, but then after that was done I just kept playing it until I eventually stopped for some reason. Anyway, over the weekend I started out with a new account, new character etc…, and my ship just got killed by some mobs.

It was a Caldari Condor, one step up from the starter frigate you get when you first join, and it was christened Chucklenuts in honour of the Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged Series that I like to watch. It’s replacement, Chucklenuts II, is already up and running though, and when I next log in I’ll exact my revenge. It was pretty cheap too, especially with the insurance payout I got.

It’s a very singular game, EVE. It’s complex, it’s massively open-world, it’s persistent… it’s also not as ‘obviously’ fun either. In other MMO’s, you see your guy, you see him attacking (with either stick or gun) the other guys, and it’s engaging, you have a lot of control over the combat and what happens when. In EVE, the process is less…entertaining I guess. Your ship circles another ship and it fires off its weapons at intervals. You don’t directly control the movements of your ship, and whilst there are tactics and strategies involved in the use of the modules you have equipped, one of the constant criticisms I hear laymen give of the game is that it’s just not that ‘fun’.

I like to think EVE is the game of the imagination. Because so much is in the hands of the player – from the economy, to the politics, to the infrastructure… so much is possible within the confines of this game, that it’s almost like those true reality sims – like Second Life, but in a sci-fi context. So long as you can get to grips with the stats, the complexity… the sheer scale of the game, then there is a lot in it for players. It’s one of the few MMO’s that doesn’t really have an ‘End-game’ in the traditional MMO sense.

I might start doing an unofficial diary of my journeys through New Eden… might be an interesting side project but I’m going to need to find friends and people to play with. Whilst in design terms you don’t ‘need’ to play with other people, you really need to play with other people. Get’s a bit… lonely, I suppose otherwise.

If you could all spare a minute of silence of Chucklenuts, that would be much appreciated.

Until next time.

  1. Marco Fiori says:

    *Minute of Silence* I really enjoyed what little of EVE I played. Sadly time constraints make it impossible to play nowadays.

  2. […] was Joe Robinson who originally peaked my interest at just the kind of possibilities that EVE could entail. Mainly […]

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