So, I can only apologise again for the lack of postage. Boss #2 is on holiday, which means I have to look after his stuff as well as my own. Boss #1 is not really involved in the day-to-day editorial task, so even though he is around sometimes it doesn’t really make much difference. Add to that the events I have this week, and the deadlines I need to meet… not a lot of energy is left for posting :( I should be better though after tomorrow, so I’ll try to catch up on all of the topics I said I was going to talk about.

It’s been a good week for releases – naturally I’m sure many of you will have got Portal 2 by now (I haven’t yet), but if you’re a fan of Battlefield-like FPS gameplay (as opposed to COD’s brand) and are looking for a cheap new game to get into, I recommend Section 8: Prejudice, which should be hitting the Xbox Live Marketplace sometime today. You can read my official review here, (9/10)  but I really can’t recommend this game enough. Single-player is a tad cliché and cheesy, engine is looking dated, but multiplayer is the most fun you can have in an FPS outside of the market leaders. If that’s not enough, then I’ll leave you with this: You spawn by hot-dropping down onto the map.

Just so you have some entertainment whilst you’re purchasing and downloading Prejudice, anyone remember this trailer for Metal Gear Solid 4? It’s very early footage, but the backing track used is one of the best I’ve heard. It’s simply called ‘Love Theme’ and it’s by a woman called Jacki Presti, apparently. It’s on the official MGS4 album. Enjoy!

Seriously, go buy Prejudice.

P.S. Eugh… just came back to this post and noticed all of the spelling mistakes. Late night posting when you’re tired is never a good idea…

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