No, this is not me declaring my sudden shift to the other team, as it were, however it does relate to what I got up to this past weekend. I went to visit relatives in Brighton (A major sea-side town on the South Coast, for non-UK people) last weekend – my Uncle, his wife and their kids. One’s a girl and one’s still quite young, so in terms of gaming the best you can expect is a Nintendo Wii, with all of the generic family games that come with it (not an old-school Nintendo fan amongst them, it was heart breaking). In the evening, after my mum had taken the girls out shopping and my Uncle has taken us manly-types out for some… crazy golf, we settled in for an evening of videogame-based entertainment.

Now, to be fair, the night did involve some Mario Kart – which is always awesome, and even some Just Dance, which isn’t that bad either (although the second one is better), but a significant portion of the night was taken up by this new game my mum got for her own Wii – Diva Girls: Princess on Ice. It’s published by 505 games, a company who I’ve seen attributed to everything from ArmA, to Supreme Commander to Fashion Designer: Style Icon. It seems they don’t so much make games as they publish them in specific territories. The developer, Arc System Works, has also apparently been involved in games like Guilty Gears, Hard Corps: Uprising, and of course other games in this Diva Girls series. It’s odd what some developers end up doing sometimes.

Anyway – my mum had only played this game once, and didn’t do that well it seems, so she brought it round to the relatives house to see if they – specifically the kids – could figure out how to do it. They couldn’t as it’s not very clear what you have to do, and the controls are a bit fiddly, and then my mum, knowing what I do for a living, asked me to have a go. I kicked butt (naturally). It’s strange – I don’t think I’m particularly great at games – there are far better people than me in almost everything I like playing, but I do think I’m good at picking up quickly how to play them. In front of layman and non-gamers, it’s like I have a superpower, and oddly enough my mum was impressed by my prowess at this rather shitty ice skating game, and then she went on to call me an “Ice Princess”. Which she then put on Facebook.

Of course, it is only impressive to those non-gamer types. Not only would actual gamers be thoroughly unimpressed by the fact that I managed to figure out a kids ice skating game (on the Wii, no less), but they’d probably find it strange that I would be playing such a game in the first place.

What’s really funny though is that mum bought the game thinking it would be a serious Ice-skating simulation or something, as she’s really into her ice-skating. The game is compatible with the Balance Board as well (which she loves), although we haven’t been able to get it to work yet. I had a lot of fun asking her how she could look at a game that has this (see image) as a box, and think anything good could come from it. Graphics are horrible, even by Wii standards, and the dialogue reads like it’s from a bad teen drama.

In other news: Four day weekend starts now! Woot! I’ll probably log tomorrow and Monday anyway, do a bit of work… I’ll have writing to do as well, but it’s still nice to have an extra break. Game wise, will mostly be playing EVE Online and Operation Flashpoint: Red River, I think. What you guys got planned?

  1. Minnie says:

    Hehe, I do love how flipping brilliant we look to non-gamers even when we’re playing like a handcuffed crabs. Not that Princess on Ice doesn’t look like pretty intense stuff…

  2. Oh it was totally extreme. Demon Souls was like a stroll through the park compared to this game… :D

  3. Emily says:

    As far as ice related games go for the Wii:

    Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics > Princess on Ice

    I live in a family where my ability to use the internet is marveled at, let alone my ability to play games.

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