I guess you could say I’m a royalist, or a loyalist maybe? Patriot? Those words, even in this day and age, can mean an awful lot, but anyway, I have no problem with the Royal Family, honestly. To me, supporting them is like supporting an old heritage building, or preserving Stonehenge or something – they are a part of what Britain is and what it used to be, and I feel that’s something worth preserving.

As many of you will know, today was the day of the Royal Wedding between Prince William and his 8-year long girlfriend Kate Middleton, who are now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. This day, as well as seemingly uniting many of the country in celebration, has also caused the nay-sayers to come out and once again question why we still have such an archaic institution.

Sure – in principle, a ruling Monarchy obviously has no place in the 21st century. The idea that someone gets to rule over a bunch of people through no virtue other than their DNA is just a little bit silly, but our Royal Family aren’t in charge of this country any more, and never will be again (although – do you really think the Queen, who’s been around since World War 2, would do a worst job than Cameron, or Brown, or any of the others?). No harm, no foul I say – some members of the Royal Family actually try to do some good around the world, and the Queen is always representing us at various state functions and what not (You try jet-setting around the world at 85).

Of course, one of the main – and perfectly understandable – criticisms about the Royal Family is the money that’s spent on maintaining them. Yeah… when the Government stops spending money on Nuclear Submarines, when politicians stop trying to claim all these weird and wonderful things on expenses, and when the corporations stop screwing the country out of tax, then we can talk about the ‘Royal Bill’. I’m not saying it’s an entirely justified cost ( although – going back to the heritage building analogy – if you pay to keep that standing, the Royals should be given the same consideration), but there are far FAR worse things to have our money spent on than a wedding and a piece of our heritage.

I sometimes think people pick on the Royals because it’s easy. They don’t exactly fight back, and they can represent anything from the problem with inheritance to antiquated ideals, and they’re easy to fling mud at. My mum is very anti-royal, although again in this case she has a completely fair point – The NHS (where she works) still has to keep the Hospitals open, and the fact that it’s a bank holiday means they have to pay that much more to do it as well, and the NHS is in enough trouble as it is.

I’ll admit, my support for the Royals is mainly inspired by the Queen herself – I can imagine not being as enthusiastic about Charles, or even William – even though they both seem to do good work. Queen ‘Liz (II) though, as I mentioned above, she’s been around since the Second World War – and personally helped out in the war effort during the Blitz. She wasn’t coroneted until after the war, mind, but she’s still been involved since then, and must have accumulated a lot of detached wisdom – what current politician could say they have the same insights? Hell, even old Tony Blair went to visit her all throughout his tenure, and they must have been talking about something interesting otherwise there wouldn’t have been any point in going.

Anyway, just my thoughts for today… wedding is well and truly over now, so time for some lunch and EVE Online!

  1. Emily says:

    I only have a real issue with Prince Charles and his architectural tastes. Seriously, he has none and as someone who lives in and around “green field” areas that his development company want to concrete over… sometimes I really do wish he would get lost.

    As to the rest: I hope that Wills and Kate encourage their children to actually apply themselves at school. It would be nice to finally see a member of the Royal Family go on to study in the sciences or medicine.

  2. Minnie says:

    I totally agree; I love history and I find the monarchy fascinating in that respect. I think we should preserve them as part of british history because they do a lot of good and definitely earn us a fair bit of income in tourism etc but I can understand the criticism they incur although I do think they represent something very good about the UK. I love the queen :)

  3. Holly says:

    Whenever a ton of money is spent on what others perceive as a frivolous, I like to point this out (and yes I know it will make me totally sound like a typical American capitalist): that cash got spent. It didn’t hide away in a bank, out of circulation. That money went to countless workers and suppliers of goods and services, people who have families, people who spend money. While “trickle down” economics don’t always work, they DO tend to work when the rich actually spend their money.

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