Children of the Revolution

Posted: May 11, 2011 in Gaming, Work Related, Writing/Journalism
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Steam > My Games > Deus Ex: Human Revolution Preview > Delete Local Content > Relax

So, as some of you may have seen, today I posted up a second preview on Deus Ex 3 in nearly as many weeks. When I went down to the Eidos Offices (Now officialy Sqaure Europe), they would only let us do a preview on the hands-off presentation we were given, and we had to wait until today to do the full hands on preview with the code they provided. I’m not terribly pissed off or anything – but I find my ability to write well is a very finite resource. Talking about the same game in two seperate articles, with little extra input, in a short space of time isn’t the easiest thing for me.

It was one of those choices though – I had an interview to transcribe as well for the first deadline, and I just knew most of the people who were also there with me would be putting up a “hands-off” preview… it was a case of taking the easy way out or trying to keep up with the others, I chose to try and keep up. I think the second preview turned out ok – some of the people I’ve talked to seem to like it, so as long as it doesn’t read like crap then I’m happy.

That aside, I really enjoyed what I played of Deus Ex, so much so that I deleted the preview build as soon as I was done with the preview. Seriously  I’m not one to replay games much, not unless a certain amount of time has passed anyway, and even though there was still a bit to do on the build, I thought I’d save it for when I get the actual game. I’ll probably get it in the PS3 too, if possible – I prefer my RPGs on the console… or at least, with ah game pad (I actually previewed Human Revolution on the PC, with a 360 gamepad. It worked quite well although was a tad sluggish), and the superior graphics on the PS3 should make the world look pretty stunning. Plus I need more reasons to actually go on my PS3… I’ve got plenty of games to keep me occupied on the 360 and PC.

I really like sci-fi, and I really like story-driven games. On the easier settings, Human Revolution acts a little bit like an interactive novel, but I don’t mind that. Even on  the ‘medium’, it’s still a decent challenge.You can tell there’s a lot to the game world, and like my favourite book Ender’s Game, this title uses the science-fiction as more of a back drop then an actual focus. Sure, you have the augmentations, but it’s not overwhelming or technical, so you’re just left with the story. I don’t think I’ve been this engrossed in a game since Fallout: New Vegas, although Dragon Age 2 was pretty compelling when it wasn’t making me cringe.

I should probably play the first one at some point, but that’s pretty old… I don’t really get on with old graphics these days. I’ve been well and truly spoilt by the current generation.

What about guys? Have you played a Deus Ex game before? Looking forward to this one? Thoughts appreciated, as always.


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