I’m probably not a great Christian. I believe in the existence of a deity, but I tend to not dwell on the details too much because the rational side of me knows that it’s hard to justify, and I don’t really go to church either because it’s boring… but that’s not what I’m talking about. No, despite its faults and it’s past, one of the key pillars of Christianity is forgiveness. Usually I’m one to let things go, let bygones be bygones and whatever other clichéd phrases that are associated with forgiving, but I think I’ve found an exception.

Recent episodes of Glee have been drawing the bullying sub-plot with Kurt and a minor character called David Karofsky to an amicable close – Kurt is back, David has been reigned in and may or may not even embrace his true nature. For those of you who don’t watch Glee, during this season Kurt’s been bullied a lot by David for being gay and the fact that David himself appears to be a closet gay. We’re not just talking about slushies to the face – which is the more comical bullying the whole cast has been suffering throughout the show – but pushing, shoving, being violently slammed onto the floor and lockers. He had to move schools because of it.

This struck a very deep, very personal chord with me as I was bullied for a period at school as well, and there wasn’t even a reason that I could remember, they just picked on me. I have a half buried memory of being pinned to the floor and then sat on by some guys after science one time, and that kind of stuff – the same things that Kurt has been experiencing – is what got thrown at me as well. It stopped eventually as a good friend of mine alerted the teachers who  then cracked down on it, and one of the major offenders came up to me on the way home and apologised. I just let it go at the time, but now I’m faced with this scenario…

I don’t want Karofsky to be let off, I don’t want him to finally accept who he is and get a happily ever after. I don’t want him to be forgiven. I see him as Saren from Mass Effect, or Sephiroth from Final Fantasy. Zakhaev, The Emperor, Prophet of Truth… he’s a big, bad, evil douche-cock that could really do with some comeuppance in a boss battle or something. I know this is just a TV show and everything, but they’re designed to engage audiences and illicit emotions, so forgive me if I’m getting a little too engaged in this. Repressed aggro, what can ya do? I have to say, even though the story and plot in general is a bit better, and the whacky yet subtle humour more refined, I’m still only in it really for the musical numbers.

I’m honestly glad that Kurt seems to have safer environment now to come back to (even though the most recent episode showed that the bullying had taken on a new form). Continuing on with the videogame linkage, I suppose I can now emphasise a bit more with the character of Anders/Justice from Dragon Age II. Which was odd, because it really pissed me off when he randomly turned up at the end and… did that… thing. Spoilers.

Meh, I’ll get over it. Life’s too short for grudges, right? If I was in Kurts shoes I’d do the same thing and let it all go, I already have.

So… what’s for lunch?

  1. Emily says:

    I think I know what you mean. Having suffered from bullying through out primary and secondary school – you kind of want to see the bullies get what’s coming to them.

    Though considering the number of people who use to bully me who are now leading somewhat sucky lives (bad jobs or becoming teen parents) – maybe the universe rights itself in the end and brings some much needed balance. Also, you’re lucky, I never got an apology from any of the people who once bullied me.

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