I want to write a Book

Posted: May 24, 2011 in Books, Non-Gaming, Writing/Journalism
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Well, not necessarily a book, but I wouldn’t mind doing something else as a side project or whatever. I like to write… in fact I’m in this business more for the writing than the videogames themselves. As great as it is to go to early previews and events, I reckon I’d enjoy it just as much as movies, or books… maybe music (although probably not, actually), but videogames was just the one I decided to go into. I love stories. Hearing/reading stories, telling stories (when I’m feeling creative, I’ll tell a story through my reviews/previews) … and the best medium with which to do that is books.

One of our better writers, a guy called Mike Rose (nice guy. Bit of a loud drunk.) has just published his own book – 250 Indie Games You Must Play. You can order it here, if you’re interested. It got me thinking though about how I really should try and diversify within what I do, i.e. writing, and how I’d love to write a novel in the vein of Iain M. Banks, or Orson Scott Card, or one of my other favourite authors. Closest I’ve gotten so far is FanFiction, and the only fanfic I formally started – a serialised Halo/Battlestar Galactica crossover – I never finished, despite getting the odd request for more.

I read an interesting article a while ago about this author who was completely self-published – I don’t the link anymore sadly, I don’t think, but she’s taken advantage of things like Amazon’s kindle store, and so had never had to deal with a traditional publisher. Her books aren’t in physical form, mind, but from what I remember she did well for herself  through purely digital sales. Just goes to show how the digital economy is truly taking off.

Here’s a conversation I just had with my mum about it:

“Mum, I think I want to write a book.”

“You’re only 23, what on earth do you have to write about?”

Thanks, Mum. Still, she has a good point – I have no idea what I would write about, whether a novel, or a list-book like Mike’s done… even in general terms of just diversifying myself, noting really comes to mind, which is a concern because I don’t want to be stuck in some kind of low-paid rut all my life. If only I could break out of the preview/interview/review/next cycle for five minutes to have a think…

Oh hey, look at that. A blog title that was to the point and not cryptic, analogical or just plain random.

  1. Marco Fiori says:

    Fix your typos if you want to write a book! Welcome to the ‘wanting to write a book’ club.

  2. Emily says:

    I’ve always wanted to be a fiction writer. Currently waiting to hear back about whether a particular small publisher wants to publish my first graphic novel. I accidentally fell into games journalism.

    Considering that you’ve written a great deal about games professionally you’d probably find it easier to get an agent on side for a non-fiction games book and they would be more likely to sell it to a publisher. Fiction would be a bit more difficult and again you would need an agent unless you’re well friendly with a publisher already.

    You could self publish ebooks in both options. However I would say 1) Get someone else to proof and edit for you 2) Sell at a respectable price, not £1 or £10, but somewhere in between 3) A novel would ideally be at least 50,000 words long.

    I’m sorry for info splurging on your blog.

    • Heh, it’s ok. Thanks for the advice :) Again though, even if I was to do something non-fictional… I wouldn’t know what to do. Unlike mike, I don’t think I really specialise in anything.. even Strategy games, which would probably be my favourite genre, there’s so many classics I’ve never played. I don’t think I’m reall expert enough at any one thing to write a book about it.

      • Emily says:

        A lot of non-fiction is written after a niche in the market, an angle on a subject that hasn’t been used before.

  3. Michael Rose says:

    Of course I’m a loud drunk, I’m a dirty Manc! :D

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