Posted: May 29, 2011 in Gaming, Lifestyle/Culture
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You know, I’m really not a fan of fighting games. Over the weekend I decided to catch up with a good friend of mine who I hadn’t seen in a while, and we decided to just have a more ‘old-school’ night around mine which involved gaming, a film and a couple of beers. He’s a bit of a Tekken fan, so naturally we played a few rounds of Tekken 6. Back in the day, there used to be four of us – Me, Immie, Gavin and Tom, and every Saturday we’d go around Immie’s house and just hang out – usually videogames, but sometimes we’d do other stuff as well.

Even though I had a GameCube and PC at home, those Saturdays were really want defined me as a ‘gamer’, and there’s lots of fond memories there. Anyway, back then I didn’t own a PS2, or an Xbox for that matter, all I had was my N64 and my GameCube, so the only practice I got at games like Tekken were at these weekend gatherings and I just sucked, hard. The others were all infinitely better than me, and yesterday was no exception. I just can never remember the combos, and if I’m being honest I just found it a little boring after a while too. In later years before we all started going our separate ways, I basically gave up and just read a book whenever they stuck on Tekken. Typical me, I’m in my own close knit group of best friends, and I still manage to be anti-social.

But then we’d stick on Timesplitters 2, of course, and I could have my revenge. Me and Gavin, we’d always want to be snipers. Immie, was a bit of an all rounder and Tom… well, back then he wasn’t much of an FPS guy. At least, he didn’t seem to get on with Timesplitters. While myself and the others would be finding our sweet spots and trying to out-think each other, Tom would just be running around the map like a “noob” and was basically target practice for the rest of us. Worms and Smackdown games were popular ones as well… not so much in later years for wrestling, but when some of the later Worms games came out, we’d always have a blast with that – everyone would make alliances against me though, usually, which was annoying.

It’s strange, looking at how far gaming has come in that time, at what’s happened to me and my friends. I sometimes ham up about how I’m getting old and that it sucks, but it’s not that, really. I’m just growing up, and that’s nothing something you can easily wrap your head around. I’m excited though, and proud to be at the forefront of an emerging medium like videogames, and I consider myself lucky to be one of the few people who can truly say they love their job, not matter what the otherside of the coin is like.

But yeah, I really suck at fighting games.


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