I Hate Audacity (And other important matters)

Posted: June 20, 2011 in Non-Gaming, Other, Technology, Work Related
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Hey guys – so, sorry about being all incommunicado again. I’m all moved into my new house in Canterbury now! It’s quite nice, especially considering the price – room is a little on the small side but I got all my stuff in there. The only thing was I had to set up my desk and work computer downstairs in the communal front room. My housemates are cool and everything, but this is a shared house and it’s not the most secure place in the world so, will have take precautions, I’m thinking spike trap, or maybe a vat of boiling acid.

Haven’t decided yet – will look to the upcoming Stronghold 3 for ideas. (Can’t talk about that right now, but keep an eye on the site come end of the week.)

As the title suggested, I hate Audacity. What do I hate Audacity? Because Audacity managed to fill my life with a lot of tedium and I wish it would die. Last Friday I guest  starred on the Underdeveloped Characters Podcast, alongside Bane Williams – a likeable if a little crazy games writer from Australia, and Alex Rubens, a guy out in the US. We had a nice two hour long chat about games – E3, what we had been playing, Duke Nukem, etc… It was about 4am by this point, as we were doing it on US/Aus time and I had to stay up for it. So, suffice to say, a bit tired, a bit strained… and then Audacity crashes as soon as I stopped recording.

But it’s ok, my part of the podcast was stored in the temporary files. In ten second chunks. I believe my favourite meme can come into play here:

There’s not really any automatic tools to help me piece together the whole thing all in one go, and I can’t export it as it is either, so I have to copy and paste each individual sound-bite into one track. THEN export it, then send it off to UCPOD’s guy for proper editing. I want to shoot myself just thinking about it, but I’d rather shoot the people who made Audacity. I guess it’s not their fault, really, but the fact that they thought recovering lost data in 10 second junks was a good idea deserves at least some anger.

Ah well – I think I shall go play some Heavy Rain, finally. My friend let me borrow it and I kind of forgot to give it back to him before I move.


  1. Emily says:

    This happened numerous times when I was part of a geeky podcast that I use to record with some mates. My partner Paul wanted to go all Tron on the program’s ass.

  2. Marco Fiori says:

    Sony Acid Pro. I hate.

  3. Tom says:

    Hey I’m that friend. Play my bloody game.

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