So, today I’ve decided to do a good deed by just trying to raise awareness for a scam that seems to be becoming a bit of a fad at the moment. Basically, from what I can tell, a Call Centre somewhere in India is phoning people offering on the spot free tech support. You can read this post by fellow blogger and friend Emily for more specifics, but basically these guys call claiming that they know something’s wrong with your computer, and apparently attempt to sell you something to fix it.

Funny thing was, I got one of these calls a couple of weeks ago before I moved. I hung up before really finding out what the guy wanted, but only because I thought he was trying to sell me something or it was another one of those calls mobile phone companies like to do. Now that I think about it, it was all a bit odd at the time. He kept saying it was a courtesy technical support call and kept asking about my computer. Didn’t realise this was an actual scam. The reason I bring this up though is that I foresee this kind of thing working all too well. I don’t really have to worry about my own family, because they are never in, but I’m telling you guys about it as I want you to warn the less technical of your family, as it’s all too easy to play on people’s ignorance.

In other news, I pre-ordered Battlefield 3. It felt good, and apparently there’s even going to be a midnight launch, so I might attend that assuming EA doesn’t invite us to its own mega launch event in London or wherever. Worst comes to worst, I get it for free and my mate just buys my pre-order off me. Unless I decide to keep both… depends what format I get it on I guess, but I promised a friend of mine I’d get on the PS3, and my housemate (and other best mate) wants me to get in on 360. I also think I have a free-game code to use on the EA Store… could end up owning it on all three major platforms! Wouldn’t that be wonderfully unnecessary.

Also, I ate Sushi for the first time. It was nicer than I expected:

Also also – Spotted:

Not sure why IGN’s logo is there as well, but that’s a quote from an article I did on the game… probably the preview, as my review was a bit late, but no matter. I’m in teh shops baby!

  1. Marco Fiori says:

    Yeah, my Nan had a similar scam and phoned me about it. They tried to make her create an account with LogMeIn. Sushi’s amazing, you philistine.

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