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Posted: September 24, 2011 in Gaming, Other, Technology
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Hey audience – it’s been a while hasn’t it? I could say I was busy – and to be fair I was in London a lot this week, but it was also one of those situations where there was nothing really worth-while I wanted to talk about. I’m not one to blog for the sake of it, although laziness does creep into it sometimes. Attended the Eurogamer Expo in London this Thursday and Friday though, so I’ll do another post later on how that went.

Anyway, I got sent this in the post the other day:


It’s a case-mod from a company called Calibur 11, part of their ‘Vault’ series of case mods. They have two variations basically – plain or non-themed ones, which can range from colours, patterns and custom panels  and themed ones, which are focused on a particular game. I saw a Battlefield 3 one in Cologne, which looked fairly awesome, and this one is a Gears of War 3 one which was made obviously to celebrate the launch of the game.

In the interest of full disclosure, I’d like to say that I received this after I had reviewed Gears of War 3, and I’m not currently reviewing any games that are being represented by the PR company who sent this to me (as well representing Calibur 11, they represent some game companies as well).

Anyway, I’ve never had anything like this before (probably wouldn’t have been something I would have bought, but there you go), so I thought I’d break it out and put it together, see how it looks. For those of you who also fancy getting one, I took pictures of it’s various stages of construction – although to be honest it’s not the most complicated thing in the world to assemble.

Step One: The Cradle

I think pretty much all Vault case-mods come with a cradle on one side which you can use to rest your controller on, which is pretty nifty actually. I usually just have my controller down by my bed, but it’s nice to have somewhere else to put it as well. Although, I also have a keyboard attachment which I always leave on, but I’d have to take it off in order to use the cradle. I could always just hang my headphones there, I guess, I’m not always using them.

Anyway – first off, you have to attach the cradle to the side panel using some screws. Easy enough.

Step Two – The Case

Next up, you have to attach both sides of the case that fits over the the Xbox, like an extra layer. For warranty reasons, Calibur won’t want you taking off the existing case and replacing it, so the Vault-kits have to go on top off what’s already there. It’s supposed to improve ventilation and stuff though apparently. But we’ll see about that.

This one was a bit fiddly to do, especially by yourself. It doesn’t actually attach to the Xbox itself, you have to fit both sides at once and attach them to each other, using the Xbox as an anchor of sorts. Nothing too difficult, just required a lot of moving from one end to the other as you slowly tighten it together. You also have to make sure it’s fitted properly so that it doesn’t block the disc drive, on button, etc…

Step Three – The Base

Final step is just to attach it to the base. I imagine with the Cradle, and in this particular kit’s case the logo on the the side that lights up, there’s be some balance issues. This does mean though that you can’t have your Xbox lying down – which is going to be interesting because I prefer it lying down – I worry what might happen to the discs in the horizontal position. Now all I’ve got to do is see if I actually have room for it in my room in this condition. If you’ll remember, I don’t exactly have an abundance of space.

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That’s all for today really – I’d like to say a quick thank you to the person who sent me this – you didn’t have to and it’s appreciated. If any of you are interested in the case, we’re running a competition over at Strategy Informer for a kit plus a promotional copy of the game.

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