My friends who also work within games will know that this is a crazy time of year. Q4, especially October / November Q4, see’s one of the highest concentration of AAA game releases (and normal game releases, actually) than any other time in the year. It’s not that this is surprising – this period is great for the lead up to Christmas – but it doesn’t make it any less hectic and… well, hard. From a marketing standpoint (I have two jobs, remember) – there’s no a terrible lot to do as you would have sorted out all of the Q$ campaigns back in Q3, lead times being what they are, but from an editorial standpoint it’s just game after game after preview after review after game after interview after OH MY GOD PLEASE KILL ME NOW.

If ever you were to become desensitised with videogames, it would be around this time. You normal people, you consumers, you have it easy because you’re limited by your disposable income – we’re not. Whilst it’s extremely hard to complain about getting games for free, sometimes you just want to be left alone so you can crawl up in a ball and die. It’s not just that we get a lot of ‘meh’ games that we’d rather no play – we get a lot of good games as well, but it’s scientifically proven that you can have too much of a good thing, so even with the impending release of games like Battlefield, Skyrim, and all of the niche titles that I personally love, I’m still starting to crack a bit under the pressure.

To be fair, making sure you have adequate staff is always a good idea – we do tend to struggle a tad during the Christmas season, but only on events – we have plenty of people who can do stuff for us from home, but I’m still one of the few people who’s actually in a position to go anywhere, so it falls to me to try and make all of the preview events, launch parties, showcases etc… It sometimes leaves me too drained for things like this, which I’ve been wanting to update for a while now.

Speaking of Skyrim – I have become a convert to the Elder Scrolls cause. It was always one of those franchises that I’d heard good things about, but could just never really bring myself to pick up and buy, although I have played the two Fallout games that Bethesda have done so far – New Vegas was my favourite, although I still need to go back and finish it. The other week however, I had to go into London to try out the new Elder Scrolls game, Skyrim, (previously we’d let people with more experience with the franchise do the coverage on it), and I have to say  I was very impressed. Maybe it was because I’ve always had a thing for Norse culture, maybe it was my fondness for New Vegas, but I left feeling more than a bit excited about its release on November 11th. I pre-ordered it as well, making it the fourth game this year I’ve pre-ordered. My wallet is not going to be happy. I wrote this guide based on my experiences, if you fancy a gander. We’d already had a pretty extensive preview from someone a couple of weeks before, so I decided to do a more of a layman’s guide to the game, and turn it into a Top Ten list. Felt dirty, but good, and it seemed to go down well.

Sorry for such a quickie today, but it’s hard not to feel burnt out as far as writing is concerned. As much as I love blogging and sharing my thoughts and muses with you guys, it is still writing and sometimes I just need to step away from the computer and do something else – been reading a lot more lately, as a bunch of books I’ve been waiting for came out all at once.



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