It Begins 2.0

Posted: November 24, 2011 in Non-Gaming, Other, Technology
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Oh, where did this random assortment of PC parts come from? I don’t remember them being there when I woke up…


That’s right folks, it begins now. Well, not right now, I need to start backing up this computer, get my work space set up… maybe have some lunch and a cup of tea, but I intend to start building RIGGED 2.0 sometime today. I am very excited, and very nervous – excited because I’m one of those people who likes shiny new things, and because it’ll be good to flex my technical muscles once more. Nervous because if I get it wrong, that’s a fair bit of money that’s going to waste. The part of my mind that my mum gave me – the part that’s always concerned about money – is already balking a bit at the prospect of buying all this stuff that I don’t really need. As much as the justifications I’ve laid out in the past go some way to justify the expense, at the end of the day I do still have a working computer. Oh well, I just hope my fortune holds out and I keep earning my moneyz.

Just in case anyone is interested, I decided not to go with the SSD in the end. I beleive in the benefits everyone says come with the tech, but at the moment mechanical Hard Drives still serve me and everyone else well. The cost for the minimum sized SSD I’d need is just too much, and people tell me SSD’s do still have their own drawbacks anyway. I went for a 1TB HD that was about £30 cheaper, and like 880 GB more space. So yeah, go figure.

Anyway, quick update to let you know it’s all here. I’m thinking I might take pictures and document the process as I go, and then do I big update about it afterwards.

  1. Andy G says:

    Boo SSDs! Welcome to 2011 PC gaming!

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