Maybe I was just too lucky when I built my first rig, or maybe I was too arrogant when the final screw was put into place… maybe I messed up, maybe my house mate decided to play a prank on me by sabotaging something I’d spent a lot of money on… or maybe, shit just happens. Regardless, the worst case scenario seems to have happened. At time of writing, I’ve been unable to get my new build to work properly, and if I were a lesser man, I’d be devastated right now. Sniff.

Many of my friends and family already know what’s going on, as I’ve been spamming Twitter and Facebook with my woes for like two days now, but basically, the computer doesn’t boot up properly. Specifically, it won’t post to the BIOS screen, which is the motherboards own internal ‘software’ if you will that has a bunch of settings and instructions for how the computer handles things on the technical side. On a brand new build, with no OS installed, this is the only thing you can access. Even with an OS installed though, every time a computer boots up it’s supposed to ‘POST’ first, allowing you to access the BIOS if you wish, and then continue on and boot up anything that’s bootable (An OS, a disc, etc…).

My computer however doesn’t even POST – it just switches on, and that’s it. Vexing, but it does happen, and it can happen for a variety of reasons… typically, it seems that the reason applicable in my case is the most annoying – the motherboard itself is faulty. For the sake of my sanity, and for the record so that it makes what I’m going to do a lot easier, I’m just going to say it was dead on arrival, or DOA. That does happen – talk to any veteran rig-builder and they’ll tell you stories of parts that arrived faulty, even broken.  Having tried almost everything I and my peers and betters can think off, the only explanation left is that the ‘Mobo’ is faulty.

If it were the RAM, CPU or the Graphics Card, then either a warning LED light on the mobo would light up, the mobo itself would emit a series of beeps to let you know something wrong. My mobo remains silent. Also, for something like the gfx card, the computer would boot up normally when it was removed. Same if it was a power supply issue – removing some of the components would lessen the strain and allow it to boot up as normal – but everything seems to be getting power, fans are whirring, lights are coming on etc… that’s the problem though: once you eliminate all of the obvious and easiest to identify culprits, everything is kind of speculating based on the evidence.

There’s still a couple more things I can try – might borrow some parts from the old rig, just to test conclusively whether or no it’s a mobo issue or not, but assuming it is, the only thing left to do is to first contact ASUS, and then Dabs to get myself a  replacement, which I can’t do until Monday.

Which is probably going to be harder than it sounds because the mobo came in a bundle… and so they;ll probably want the WHOLE bundle back… motherfu-


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