Well, here we are then – I’m 24. Yay.

I view 24 as the first ‘official’ year of your adult post-uni life: 18-21/22 (depending on when your birthday is and if you took a gap year or not) don’t really count because you’re a student, and 23 is, well, 23. Whether you’re in a job or still wanting to enjoy the post-uni buzz, there’s something about 23 that makes things feel a bit like… limbo. You’re not a student, but you’re not quite a grown up yet either.

23/2011 (might as well deal with both in one go, since my birthday is so  close to the New Year) was an odd year for me. Career wise not a lot really happened – still Deputy Editor at Strategy Informer, and still the one who attends all the events, trips and social functions that require someone to go to. I’ve dabbled in doing bits and pieces for other people but to be honest I don’t often have the time to devote to proper freelancing, like features, and that’s excluding external issues like there being a lot of freelancers out there and not enough budget to go around. I barley have time to do features for my own site sometimes. Much of this is due to my ‘other’ job in Ad Sales. Not sure how much I’ve talked about this but I also sell the advertising space on strategy informer. I’ve been getting steadily better at it, but I’ve always felt I lack certain personality traits sales people usually have.

And If I’m being honest, I’m still struggling with issues like self-motivation, healthy eating and regular sleeping patterns, all side-affects of working from home.

Anyway – this brings me to my major goal for 24/2012: Career.

I’d like something to ‘happen’, career wise. Whether I help the site actually grow this year through marketing or content (It was pretty much status quo last year), or whether I move to a new posting somewhere, I think it’s time for some kind of change. A lot of this will be down to me bucking up my routine and attitude, but I’ve been at Strategy Informer in one position or another for nearly four years. It’s time really start looking at my career and where it’s heading.

The main thing is to keep the cash flow up. Worrying as it may be, the majority of my money comes from the commission I get on ad sales, so my success is directly tied into the success of the site and my performance in that area. If I do bad my content pay barely covers rent, let alone living expenses. It would be a bit demoralizing if, after a steady 6 months, things end up going downhill add I have to move back home again.

Moving out though was in itself a milestone – since it was the first time I’d been truly independent since leaving uni. I’m enjoying it immensely here in Canterbury, even if it means it’s slightly harder to get into London than I’d like (An hour commute, and no way of getting home past midnight). Have to say, the ‘other’ three people in the house are a bit of a dampener but they’re all nice people – I just realized pretty quickly that I was over the whole living with strangers kind of things. Current plan is for me and my best mate, who’s the fourth housemate, to move into a place of our own sometime next year with his girlfriend. Again, another reason to secure a decent cash flow by the summer.

Other than that, not a hell of a lot has happened this year: my trip to New York was a lot of fun, as was a subsequent trip to Stockholm (which I’m returning to at the end of the month) and I got given I giant tank. Maybe my year was more interesting and I just can’t remember – that’s happened before. Since I’ve neglected to do a dedicated New Year/ Resolutions post, might as well lump it in here by listing some more short-term goals:

* The Blog: I’ve been rather lax on the blog front lately – I need to rectify that as it’ll be good if I can get some kind of online presence outside of Strategy Informer.

* Sleeping patterns – I go on about this a lot, and I’m sure you all think I’m making excuses, but there you go. I have trouble keeping my sleeping habits in check, and I NEED to start working on this. It’s more about just making sure I get myself out of bed at the proper time in the mornings then going to bed at an appropriate time, but regardless it needs to happen.

* Health – Standard one about keeping in shape. In all fairness, I have taken up Tae-kwon-do again.

* Gaming – My ‘pile of shame’ is horrendous. Shameful, you might say. I must work on this, if for no other reason than I can blog about it. This was supposed to be a gaming blog, after all.

Hmm, I thought I’d come up with more goals and resolutions than that… oh well, it’s a good enough start. Now I’m going to go back to enjoying my birthday. You can send my presents to the following address…

Also, because I like mock inspirational posters:


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