I hate button-fly jeans (Swedish Edition)

Posted: January 20, 2012 in Gaming, Industry, Work Related, Writing/Journalism
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Hello from Sweden! I’d share pictures with you like i did last year, but I’ve finally decided that my camera is rubbish. Except when It’s day time and i’m outside, it’s really hard to get my camera to take decent shots, and it doesn’t handle motion so well. I think I need a new one. It’s a shame though, as it was a present from my Step-dad for my 18th birthday, and it has served me well in the past, but now? I dunno… also, I’m renewing my commitment to hating button-fly jeans. They’re just really annoying.

Paradox Interactive are  really a fascinating publisher, I love coming to see them. Apart from obvious cases like Blizzard, Paradox are a perfect example of not only how PC gaming is alive and well, but of how PC gaming is evolving. They’re best known for their more hardcore niche strategy games (my kind of game), but in recent years they’ve really been expanding into other genres. Mount & Blade, a great little medieval action title made by a small Turkish team was their first non-strategy, and since them they’ve been branching out. Magicka, the surprise hit of last year, was their most successful game ever. Plus they’re all just really nice people, and the CEO -Fredrik Wester – is amazing for interviews  and quotes.

They’re also pretty much the only company I’d consider going to work for right now. In terms of my general life ‘plan’, I can imagine me eventually making the move to PR, or something related, after I’ve had my fill of games writing – but if Paradox rang me up tomorrow and offered me a job, I’d seriously consider taking it. I probably would take it. Good people, good atmosphere, good games. One of my favourite (no ex)game writers is now working for them, having crossed the line last year.

Going to cut this one short as I’ll have to be leaving to go catch my flight soon – suffice to say I’ve had a great time as always, saw some really interesting games, and the coverage will be up on Strategy Informer in the coming days.

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