Spotted 2012

Posted: January 28, 2012 in Gaming, Industry, Work Related, Writing/Journalism
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In my on-going quest just to get my face in as many other people’s faces as possible, I have managed to face myself  into MCV issue 672 (Friday Jan. 27th). The author, James Batchelor, asked people over Twitter a couple of weeks ago whether anyone had any opinions on 3D gaming. I did, as it happened, so he asked me to type up my views and send them in.

The hardest part of the entire affair was, in all honesty, to find a picture to send in to be put next to my name. Anyone who has me on Facebook may notice that I don’t really photograph well, so finding a decent, respectable picture to send in was something of a challenge. I think I managed ok though in the end. Anyway, just a short, ego-centric update to buy time whilst I think of something more substantial to talk about.



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