I do like Joe Haldeman’s Forever trilogy – Forever War especially was a very interesting read, especially in context with Starship Troopers (the book) which was written at a similar time. And then of course Forever Peace‘s “What the Bitch?” ending was actually pretty funny… Forever Free though I just couldn’t get into. It was set in the same ‘universe’ as the first two books, but it was more about setting the scene for certain events and people that you encounter within the first book, and it just felt really disjointed and stand-alone – there’s barely any mention to the ‘Forever War’, despite the fact that it’s supposed to be raging across the cosmos at the time. Anyway, enough of that – I have an announcement to make:

I’m going freelance.

Have to say, not quite according to plan but regardless of the circumstances, I’m now stepping down as Deputy Editor and Marketing Manager of Strategy Informer, and giving proper freelancing another go. That’s not to say I wouldn’t consider another job if it was offered to me (and I’m still going to keep an eye out and apply), but I’ve got to do something in the interim to live so freelancing it is. Didn’t do a great job of it when I first started out, but then I had just come out of Uni and didn’t really know what I know now.

Time to dust off the old CV, update my LinkedIn profile, and do a whole number of other things I haven’t really had to do in a while. Hell, I might even revive my personal website again. I’ve always had leave to go and do the odd piece of freelance here and there, provided I prioritised Strategy Informer work first, but to be honest I rarely had the time as I was very much focused on those guys. Now let’s see what I can do… should probably brush up on some of the multi-media skills I picked up at uni, like audio & video editing, podcasting… my rudimentary HTML… even my InDesign skills, which I rather liked doing.

If you’d like to help out on the war effort, feel to do any/all/some of the following:

* Recommend me to your bosses and friends for work, if you happen to think I’m worthy.

* Give me work yourself.

* Point me to any job ads you think I may have missed. It’s quite easy to let things slip by.

* Buy me drinks and otherwise be emotionally supportive.

* Give me all your moneyz.

Also feel free to provide suggestions of what I can do to spread my overhead – many of my fellow peers will know that writing in and of itself doesn’t pay very well, so I’m going to have to think of other avenues. Several people I know have started consulting, of all things, but I wouldn’t really know how to get into that.

So, here’s to major life changing events, eh?

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