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That’s right folks, it’s that time again! I always look forward to E3, although in a different sense than when I look forward to GamesCom. It’s not exactly cheap to get out to America, and I’ve yet to actually attend the Los Angeles show, so E3 for me is hunkering down with some snacks and a lot of caffeine, watching a live stream, and joking about it with friends virtual or otherwise. Twitter is especially legendary during these times. It’s different for GamesCom because I can actually get out there, and it involves a lot more hardwork but a lot more socialising and hanging out with my friends, so they’re both unique experiences for me at the moment… I’m sure that will change when I finally get to go to E3.

Anyway – Nintendo has already gotten a headstart with the pre-E3 demonstration video they aired last night, which focused solely on the WiiU hardware. It was an understandable move, considering there seemed to be a fair amount of confusion regarding the WiiU coming out of E3 2011, and not a lot of real news since then… you could almost consider this a refresher. Whilst the console itself wasn’t really shown, a lot of attention was given to the new gamepad (along with a ‘pro’ gamepad they are releasing that looks a lot like the 360 gamepad), as well as the social features and integration with the TV – Nintendo has had a habit of setting trends in recent years, and I personally think the TV features are going to be what catches on.

The only thing that really disappointed me about the presentation – apart from that god awful marketing video – was the lack of games. Now, granted, getting this out of the way now leaves them plenty of room to talk about games during their main conference on Tuesday, but I really need to start seeing examples of what this machine is capable of. Both in terms of the supposed HD-quality graphics, and games that take advantage of the WiiU’s unique features. Also, it needs to not be called the WiiU, as that’s a silly name, but that probably isn’t going to happen.

As an ex-Nintendo fanboy, I’m officially intrigued though, so I’ll be paying closer attention to Nintendo this year than I normally do. For the moment though, looking forward to Microsoft and Sony later tonight.